9 Critical Reasons To Fix A Magnesium Deficiency

You might have one of these 9 symptoms of low magnesium, but unless you know that they are connected to low magnesium, your symptoms could be misdiagnosed and mistreated.

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You may have one of these nine symptoms Of low magnesium but unless you know That they’re connected to low magnesium Your symptoms could be misdiagnosed and Mistreated especially since 48 of all Americans don’t get enough magnesium From their diet and number six on the Symptom list is especially important to Go through in today’s world but we’ll Start with muscle spasms and muscle Cramps so magnesium is required for over 300 different reactions in the body in Particular the reactions that happen Between the neuromuscular Junction so if There’s not enough magnesium the signals That travel through our nerves to our Muscles that can get disrupted that Neuromuscular Junction can become hyper Excitable leading to muscle spasms and Cramps it can also cause involuntary Movements which is number three on the Symptom list in addition to this hyper Excitability patients with low magnesium Can also manifest apathy meaning a lack Of Interest or energy so if you’re Suffering from fatigue it could be Because you’ve got low levels of Magnesium number five is extra Heartbeats magnesium has a crucial role To play in the ion fluxes across the Cell if there’s not enough magnesium This process can be significantly Affected leading to these extra Heartbeats and worst case scenario

Life-threatening arrhythmias number six Is broken bones in humans epidemiologic Studies they do suggest a correlation Between bone mass and dietary magnesium Intake magnesium and calcium are closely Linked so if there’s not enough Magnesium often those patients won’t Have enough calcium and to make sure That the blood calcium doesn’t fall too Low the body has to start getting that Calcium from its bones leading to weaker Bones and magnesium also ties in to low Levels of vitamin D this one is Especially important because in today’s World most of us aren’t seeing enough Sunlight and therefore we’ve already got Low levels of vitamin D so if we also Combine that with low levels of Magnesium we’re making the situation Worse and further causes weakening of The bones seventh on the list is low Levels of potassium low levels of Potassium is a common event in patients That have got low levels of magnesium it Actually occurs and about 40 to 60 Percent of cases and in patients that I See in the clinic that have low levels Of potassium we always need to check the Magnesium levels because there’s a thing Called refractory low potassium this is Where the low levels of magnesium first Needs to be corrected before the Potassium can come back up number eight Is poor quality sleep we’ve got a

Randomized placebo-controlled study Showing that patients that took Magnesium supplements they had improved Sleep time and Sleep Quality and the Final symptom on the list is migraine Headaches the American migraine Foundation concluded that magnesium is Probably effective in migraine Preventative therapy so the patients That I see in the clinic that are Suffering with migraine headaches we Always check the Magnesium to see if That’s a quick way to solve their Problem the symptom list that we’ve gone Through in this video was taken directly From the clinical guidelines that I use In my medical practice called up to date And if you’re suffering from any of These symptoms it is worth getting your Magnesium levels checked the most common Reason for low levels of magnesium is a A poor diet but it can also be from Things like alcohol excess certain Medications such as medications taken For reflux or indigestion so you may Know these as Omeprazole or low-sec as Well as some types of blood pressure Medications and if you do have low Levels of magnesium it’s important to First address the underlying reason as To why you’ve got low levels of Magnesium rather than just reaching for A supplement and Plastering over the Issue and after addressing those

Underlying reasons for some patients a Small dose of magnesium might be useful So personally I take 125 milligrams of Magnesium toroid every night I do this To help with my sleep and alongside a Great diet and exercise there are five Other supplements that do have good Evidence to further improve our health And you can check them out in this next Video here a massive thank you to do not Age.org for their ten thousand dollar Donation to my rapamycin study they are A health research organization and to Benefit from the ingredients as well as The 10 discount code check out the Pinned comment

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