DON’T MISS THIS – Key to Making Serotonin and Melatonin for Anti-Aging Sleep

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I guess we could start with you know Melatonin the sleep hormone that is very That’s you know essential for conducting A lot of the antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory processes in your Sleep and it makes you somewhat drowsy And helps you to fall asleep get better Quality sleep And to make trip to make melatonin you Need serotonin and the precursor for Serotonin is tryptophan yes but not only So we are going to talk about tryptophan A lot tryptophan serotonin and BCAAs Uh so funny is it and then there are Other large neural amino acids and Serotonin as we talked is important for Making melatonin but it’s also essential For mood the feeling of con contentment Social relationships this kind of social Bonding and that’s why you want to make Sure that your brain is producing Serotonin and that the serotonin Signaling is happening there another Thing is that serotonin is one of the Key neurotransmitters for learning and Memory hippocampus is very high and Abundant it’s in serotonergic Projections and serotonergic neurons and That is pretty much what makes you and Helps you learn new things Amongst other neurotransmitters but one Of the key ones So it’s made us seem told it’s made from The amino acid tryptophan to a

Conversion process So basically for tryptophan to become Serotonin it first goes into the brain It uh it’s hydroxylated and ultimately It’s decarboxylated and it becomes Serotonin and there are two different Pathways so that was the first pathway That was this serotonin serotonin Pathway and serotonin is then made into Melatonin Uh in the brain but only 55 of the Tryptophan goes into that pathway the Other pathway in the brain is tryptophan To kinormian pathway where is it made in Different forms that can counteract Stress and inflammation Um so it has important roles in the Brain for mood sleep and counteracting Stress so now when you have protein Sources and proteins are a mixture of Amino acids and here you can see at the In the red pathway basically that you Have proteins and proteins usually let’s Say Piece of meat contains tryptophan but Also large neutral amino acid lnas and These the content of tryptophan in a Basic meat source of protein is from 0.5 To 1 And so when you eat Protein and when you eat meat for Example the relative increase in your Plasma tryptophan is not very Significant and you always calculate

Your tryptophan intake Or in regards to praying you need to Think about how much tryptophan do you Have your bloodstream in relation to These other large neutral Amino Aces why You need to do that you need to do it Because the tip of an access to the Brain depends on the amount of these Other large neutral amino acids because They actually all compete with the same Carrier for the same carrier protein That is going to transport them into the Brain and large neural amino acids Always win the raised if there is Tryptophan and a lot of large neural Amino acids in your bloodstream these Large neutral amino acids will go into Your brain and the tryptophan is there You know uh left to the blood and it’s Also bind to albumin in the blood so it Has the tendency to circulate there If there are other competing proteins There so this tryptophan LNA ratio is The important thing the brain tripped of An amount is strongly linked to how much You get it from diet so diet is the Important source of any amino acids Basically For the brain But it’s like uh studied and shown that The brain tryptophan levels depend on The dietary amount of tryptophan it’s Now recommended that you get about 250 To 425 milligrams per day for tryptophan

So let’s say something like milk a glass Of milk would be 180 milligrams Um like a Amazon tuna almost of tuna has 500 milligrams chicken has 240 Milligrams per pound but they’re also High in this lnaa um So that tryptophan will not just go into Your brain and becomes a rottenin Um The amino acids are blocking it yeah Because the large neutral amino acids Are transported Before the tryptophan so they compete So now you would have to create a Situation where you get a tryptophan Transported into the brain without Having to other lnas to mess up this Transportation system and what the study Seems as a suggest that the way to do This is by increasing insulin because Insulin would Shuffle the BCAAs into the Muscles and then the tipped one would Get access to the brain and some corpse So carbs so now there are many studies That show that if you ingest tryptophan With carbs without other amino acids Then you your brain levels of tryptophan Will increase and so what are the Studies show is that if you eat Carbohydrates you know carbohydrates are Actually a pretty rich source of Tryptophan like you don’t have to get Tryptophan from meat you get trips from From oats for example yeah pumpkin seeds

Um actually Dairy nuts banana Anna they All contain tryptophan they are very Good sources for that so you can Basically eat a cup of oats and you get This effect But you need the insulin for that so if You would I don’t know if it would help That you just take just a tryptophan Supplement let’s say but you wouldn’t Have that insulin response because Tryptophan is accumulating to the Bloodstream but yeah you need the Insulin to to kind of make the other Competing amino acids go away go away Yeah so is there any way to increase Insulin without eating carbs or just out Of curiosity I mean yeah like high amounts of protein Still spikes incident yeah but taken That you cannot eat that yes but like One amino acid especially like glycine Is also like that raises insulin that Lowers the blood sugar but it doesn’t Have like obviously the other amino Acids there so glycine is alone so it Increases your insensitivity so you can Take like glycine pretty much you know You can mix it with coffee or you can Just take one teaspoon with it and that Should raise the insulin levels as well So you need your body basically means That you need to have like a clean Incident Spike without amino acids once A day to help with the tryptophan entry

Into the brain so it doesn’t have to be In the bedtime You can pretty much do it at any time of The day well there is there are no many Studies on that like I found only one Studies but a study But it wasn’t yeah it showed that you You needed to have that that they showed That after six hours These were some dogs by the way and After six hours the serotonin in the Brain was increased so actually that Would have that would be beneficial if It were close to bed then Um so like a dessert yeah bedtime Dessert or snack that doesn’t have Protein yeah like the issue is actually With the studies on on amino acids and Tryptophan and this kind of timing Things is that there is so many mixed Methods there is not a standard protocol So I for example I did actually my Master’s thesis on tryptophan Administration to sleep quality on men And women And when I looked at the literature to Review the issue is that sometimes the Tryptophan Administration is in the Morning sometimes it’s in the day Sometimes it’s in several times of today Sometimes it’s with carbs sometimes Without carbs usually they didn’t Control other amino acid intake at all So we don’t actually know

But I would say that just getting the Signal at least at one point of the day To get their carbs without Glycine as well technically Um yes but some but maybe technically it Would be better to get a protein or a Source of tryptophan at the same time Yeah so oats or uh banana or a banana Pre-workout banana or oats yeah yeah

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