Exposing the links between Calcium, Vitamin K2, and Plaque Buildup in Blood Vessels

In this video I discuss calcium and vitamin K2 and their link to plaque build up in the arteries. This has been a researched for many years and today I’ll explain why its such an interesting topic and why this is a very important and chapter in our understanding of what’s causing blockages in the arteries of the body.

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0:00 Intro
0:36 Calcium Supplements and their risks
3:31 Always consult your physicians before taking calcium supplements
3:51 Relationship between calcium and other vitamins
5:22 Science behind how our bodies build bone
8:26 Types of Vitamin K
9:01 Coumadin and Vitamin K deficiency
9:52 Sources of Vitamin K1 and Vitamin K2
12:12 K2 deficiency and Morality
14:02 Outro

Women’s Health Initiative study

The circulating inactive form of matrix Gla Protein (ucMGP) as a biomarker for cardiovascular calcification

The Rotterdam Study

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Well hello everybody Today it gives me great pleasure to talk To you about calcium this has been a Point of Interest since I was a fellow Because we all know that calcium seems To be what’s plugging up the arteries so I have an interesting calcium and with It vitamin K2 so what is vitamin K2 it’s A vitamin that’s unheard of okay one Maybe but K2 so today I’m going to teach You about calcium and vitamin K2 and why I’m so interested in it because I think That this is a very important chapter You know understanding of what’s causing Blockages in the arteries of the body so Let’s just dive right into it So you know as a fellow I noticed that Heart disease blockages in the arteries Seems to go along with diabetes Right high blood pressure Uh degenerative joint disease these Patients have arthritis Um many of them are very overweight bad Teeth bad teeth bad gums and dental Decays seems to go along with coronary Arteries and I always wondered why is This the case there’s something going on With the bones and they all have Osteoporosis So why do coronary patients go along With osteoporosis they come to me Because they get hip replacements they Get knee Replacements and I often wonder What’s that got to do with heart disease

Why is it that heart patients are Getting joint disease or vice versa Patients with bad bones and osteoporosis They’re getting coronary artery disease As I start doing the research I start reading about calcium And I started noticing that because of The bad bones in austropenia everyone Was on calcium supplements And then the studies started coming out That the calcium supplements that you Take For your bones and and for General Health are actually increasing mortality So there’s numerous studies that show That if you take more than one gram of Calcium supplement on a daily basis Increases cardiovascular respect 20 Percent Now if I had a drug that reduces your Cardiovascular Risk by 20 I would I Would definitely give it to you but here I have a calcium supplement that Increases your risk by 20 percent but Nobody’s talking about this this really Got my interest at why is it that Calcium increases the risk so we looked Into it the Women’s Health Initiative Study was a huge study and it showed That one gram of calcium Elemental Calcium supplementation increased Mortality between 15 and 22 percent Increase your mortality taking your Calcium supplement

And this was with or without vitamin D Supplementation And we found that in renal failure Patients they were constantly given Calcium supplements as well their risk Increased by 22 percent just by taking Calcium every day and yet they were Thought that they’re taking calcium Because they don’t want to get bone Disease they want nice strong teeth they Want to have strong joints and hips but No So what is it about calcium Supplementation well one of the things We thought that it may increase clotting Because if you want a blood sample to Clot what do you do you put some calcium In it right and it clots another thing That it can do is cause high blood Pressure so we know the higher the Calcium levels uh it can cause high Blood pressure but these patients were Not having high blood pressure even Though they were taking the calcium Supplements so we were not sure why Calcium supplements do this so now my Recommendation to everyone is do not Take calcium supplements unless there’s A good reason to do so speak to your Physician about it but just don’t take Calcium because calcium supplements are Available over the over the counter Um So there’s something else that’s got to

Do with calcium metabolism and today I’m Going to tell you that the answer is Probably vitamin K do So what is vitamin K2 vitamin K2 is a Fat soluble okay it’s a fat soluble Vitamin that means you cannot absorb it Into your body unless there’s some fats Available Environment K to assume for now that It’s got something to do with good bone Metabolism okay That you need Vitamin vitamin K2 for Strong bones so what’s going to happen If you take vitamin K2 away from your Body is you’re going to get bone disease Why would you get rid of vitamin K2 why Do we have vitamin K2 deficiency why Would I even think anyone’s got vitamin K2 deficiency And I’m going to teach you today that You get vitamin K2 deficiency because of The lifestyle changes we’ve made because It’s a fat soluble and now we’re on a Low fat diet For the past 40 years we’ve had this Experiment and I’m sure you’ve all Looked at my YouTubes that clearly shows You that this thing about the low-fat Diet is not very good advice because With it came vitamin A d e and K Deficiencies With these vitamins you just need small Amounts in your bloodstream to have a Tremendous effect and when we go on

These odd diets such as all these low Fat diets you’re not going to absorb Those vitamins and that’s exactly what We’ve been finding so let me tell you a Little bit more about vitamin K and how How the soil fits in together So in your bone for example you have two Types of cells the osteoclast and your Osteoblasts the osteoblasts they build Up bone that means they take calcium From the bloodstream push it into the Bone so you get nice strong bones Osteoclasts they destroy the bone okay So they destroy the bone they Demineralize the bone they take the Calcium out So The way it works is that you need Osteocalcin To bind the calcium but to activate the Osteocalcin in environment K2 So if you do not have vitamin K2 in your Body you’re not going to get Carboxylation of these chemicals called Osteocalcin and this in the tissues the Counterpart of that is called Matrix GLA Protein so this protein Has to be activated by two things Vitamin D And vitamin K2 now in the tissues This chemical does a different thing it Takes calcium binds to it and moves it Into the bloodstream out of the tissues So in the bone

It causes deposition of calcium but in The tissues it pulls calcium out of the Tissues takes it into the bloodstream so That it can then head on off to the Bones so these Matrix GLA proteins what Are they doing in the tissues and where Are they being produced they’re produced By the smooth muscle cells of the blood Vessels so the blood vessels they have Smooth muscle cells that’s where they Can vasodilate and vasoconstrict they Make this protein This protein has to be activated by Vitamin K2 when it’s activated it’ll Bind calcium and move it out of the Blood vessel Environment K2 is not there there’s Nothing to take the calcium out of the Blood vessel When the vitamin K2 is not there for the Bone the bone will not be able to Mineralize because that particular Protein in the bone binds to Hydroxyapatite and then the calcium gets Trapped in the bone So you would expect the vitamin K2 Deficiency is going to cause Calcification in the tissues the blood Vessels And causes demineralization of Bones so It causes osteopenia and that’s exactly What we’ve been seeing you get more Degenerative joint disease more Osteopenia and more calcification where

You shouldn’t find calcification blood Vessels should not be becoming ossified So what’s happened is that the total Body calcium is actually pretty good but It’s all in the wrong places And calcium supplementation doesn’t help Because calcium supplement they just Don’t end up going to the Bone you need Chemicals you need hormones you need Enzymes and cofactors to put it in the Bones so vitamin K2 deficiency this Seems to be a very strong link and There’s two types of vitamin K vitamin K1 and K2 so K1 has to do with Coagulation that’s why we missed this For a long time because we stood vitamin K’s vitamin K actually did you know that There’s 10 types of vitamin K Is one all the way to 10 but the Important ones are vitamin K1 and Vitamin K2 so K1 has to do with Coagulation and if you want to Antagonize that you take Coumadin so It’s a platinum how does it work it Antagonizes vitamin K1 I want to put K2 Well if you take Coumadin You antagonize K2 also So does that mean that when you’re Giving Coumadin or blood thinner long Term to a patient is a patient going to Have vitamin K2 deficiency also because You’re antagonizing it and then says yes And I have known personally for 30 years That patients who are in Coumadin they

Get calcification of the arteries they Get calcification of the aorta they get Calcification of the valve they get Calcification of the coronary artery So we knew that years ago they took us 30 years to piece all this puzzle Together and now we know that Coumadin Patients have a problem because they Have not only low vitamin K1 which you Want because they don’t want their blood To clot but you also have vitamin K2 Deficiency So where does K1 come from K1 comes Mostly from chloroplasts so anything Green leafy vegetables algae that’s Where vitamin K1 comes from so where Does vitamin K2 come from Now there are two sources of vitamin K2 One is animal sources and the other one Is My favorite Fermented products See it’s all coming together why why I’ve been encouraging fermented products So Let’s look at Vitamin K2 also known as Monoquinone Anyone is called MK4 And the one that comes from from the Fermented products is called mk7 mk7 is A longer molecule it is biologically More active as well it is found in some Meats some eggs dairy and fermented Products so vitamin K2 why would vitamin

K2 deficiency happen if people are Eating Lots of meat eggs chicken because the Quality of the meat is also going down If your animal was not eating green Chloroplasts green natural grass foods That meat is not going to have enough Vitamin K2 also the eggs eggs are Supposed to have a lot of vitamin K2 but Today’s eggs are all fed grains and Grains don’t have vitamin K too Vitamin K2 has to come from the original Product which means Nature Nature has to Provide it first So when it goes through the cycles of The animals that’s when vitamin K2 Levels go up fermented foods make Vitamin K2 the fermentation products Make vitamin K2 so Vitamin K2 gets into the body it Activates all the mgps and in the bones You’re going to get strong bones and in The blood vessels you’re going to get Inhibition of calcification so now can We measure vitamin K2 if this is so good Then why can’t I just go ahead and get a Vitamin K2 level what can we just do it Because there’s no method to do it so What we look is non-carboxylated Proteins and that’s a test you can do But it’s not available right now it’s Only being used in research purposes and That’s how we get all this information Together there was a huge study done and

I as you can see the references I’ll Show them to you That we correlated the non-carboxylated Proteins which tells you that you’ve got Vitamin K2 deficiency and correlated to The amount of calcification in the Arteries and there’s a direct Correlation The more non-carboxylated mgla proteins That they are more the calcification in These arteries are so this started Really making us think that my God we do Have a problem here so then they did Another study in England in Europe it Was called the Rotterdam study in the Rotterdam study they took patients males And females over the age of 55 thousands Of them and they looked at the vitamin K2 intake And they listed the vitamin K2 intake That each patient had and then looked at Outcomes over the next eight years and They found that aortic calcification Coronary artery disease but also all Cause mortality would directly related To the vitamin K2 intake more vitamin K2 Lower the mortality less coronary artery Disease now you may argue that oh well Maybe it’s the food rather than the K2 Itself and that’s a possibility but at Least we’re beginning to see a Correlation over here in the studies Found that if you consume more than 32 Micrograms of vitamin K2 a day in your

Diet there’s a 50 reduction in Cardiovascular death now you’ve got my Attention as a cardiologist And a 25 decrease in all cause mortality Why is all cosmetality also important That means it’s not just decreasing Heart attacks it’s also decreasing other Things too other causes of mortality Which may include some Cancers and they Ask that it’s showing that vitamin K2 Supplementation reduces certain types of Cancers and I’ll come to that if we get A chance here If you like this video Then this one I strongly recommend it For you but if you want to see the whole Series please click here Foreign

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