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Studies such as this one titled, ‘Spermidine Delays Aging in Humans,’ has led to an explosion in the number of people taking spermidine supplements. But you’re probably getting tricked. Let me explain

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Studies such as this one titled Spermidine delays Aging in humans has Led to an explosion in the number of People taking spermidine supplements but You’re probably getting tricked let me Explain in single cells in the lab Spermidine activates a process called Autophagy or the cell clearance process So as we age our cells accumulate old Damaged components such as old Mitochondria that release all sorts of Oxidants that damage the surrounding Components and by clearing away those Damaged components we can rebuild new Ones and when this theory was tested in Mice where the mice were given Spermudine supplements the initial Results looked very promising so spurred On by an exciting mechanism and initial Promising results researchers looked at The existing human studies now Spermidine is found in various foods Such as whole grains vegetable Sprouts Peas and mushrooms so researchers looked At what happens when humans eat those Spermidine-containing foods and lo and Behold they found that the overall death Rates significantly decreased with Increasing spermidine intake cue the the Hyper train where we’ve got an Interesting mechanism exciting initial My starter and then we’re extrapolating Some human clinical studies it makes it Quite easy to sell you a supplement but

Here are the problems our cells already Produce spermidine so that begs the Question will supplementing spermidine Actually boost the spermudin levels in Our body to produce an effect well the Best lifespan program to study Interesting supplements and strategies Is called the interventions testing Program and I’ve spoken a lot about this Program on the channel already here’s What Dr Richard Miller the head of the Interventions testing program had to say When they examined spermidine the Other Drug you mentioned was spermidine A very fine scientist Frank padale Recommended that we try this told us how Much to use and whenever before we start A lifespan experiment we always give Them ways to draw for eight weeks just To see if it gets in And we put them on spermuding and eight Weeks later we found no increase in Spermuding in the blood or the liver or Any of the other tissues Now spermidine starts at a non-zero Level mice make it all the time so it’s Always there so we were comparing the Normal level which is quite substantial To the augmented level which is the same As the normal level so they said oh oh Yeah I forgot to mention it takes six Months before it starts to increase we Said sure So we gave it to mice for six Months and then tested it in serum liver

Brain and all the other tissues and we Saw no increase it had no effects so we Were not willing to test uh drug in mice Unless we could prove that it was Changing their intrinsic level of Spermity in at least one tissue and There were no effects no signs that Adding the stuff to the diet modified Spermin or spermidine levels in any of The tissues of our mice so we gave up Those findings are incredibly Disappointing and they do match other Studies which also found that spermidine Supplements did not significantly alter Blood concentration levels so why would You pay for a supplement that that Doesn’t actually increase the spermudin Levels in the body instead what we’re Left with is hype that’s generated from Extrapolating Human diet data and from The research that we’ve gone through so Far I think it’s highly unlikely that Spermidine had anything to do with the Health benefits seen by consuming those Particular Foods at the end of the day Though it’s your health your decision Personally I don’t take spermidine Supplements and instead focus on a great Diet and if you want more information About the optimal diet for humans check Out this next video here a massive thank You to do not age.org for their ten Thousand dollar donation to my rapamycin Study they are a health research

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