How Fasting and Diet can Prevent Heart Disease Especially for High Risk Patients like South Asians

This lecture is centered around Coronary Artery Disease in South Asians, but most of this information applies to everyone. Understanding the links between heart disease and our diet, genetics, hormones, and gut bacteria is so important. It was great to partner with the Indian American Business Association with our first Heart Health Event together. We hosted it here at Cardiovascular Interventions and provided members with tours of our facility then ended the night with this lecture.

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0:50 – Why is the prevalence of Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) so high?
2:25 – our whole methodology in measuring diabetes is flawed
6:05 – Risks of CAD
8:28 – prevalence of CAD
9:45 – how our genetics have not evolved to today’s diet
13:59 – risk factors for south Asians
23:36 – How What we eat has changed
30:50 – The increase in use of vegetable oils
36:57 – How to diagnose CAD
41:37 – Why fast?
49:23 – Reducing risk of CAD with diet
52:53 – Reducing risk of CAD with exercising

Questions and Answer Session
1:01:21 – Many people say to eat every two hours. Should this be done?
1:03:19 – What about olive oil? Should it be fried?
1:05:24 – What is the best oil to use?
1:06:27 – Are there good nuts and bad nuts?
1:07:25 – What about smoothies?
1:08:33 – What about dairy products and coronary artery disease?
1:10:01 – Should I buy vegan products or regular products?
1:12:50 – Is yogurt healthy for you?
1:14:03 – What vitamins should I take? Should I take a multi vitamin?
1:15:27 – Are South Asians born with smaller arteries?
1:16:10 – How long should I fast?
1:18:28 – Is it true that Stem cells reproduce during a fast?
1:22:05 – What can I drink during a fast?

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But i’m going to tell you what the root Cause of all this is the root cause that Can explain all this explains the Obesity the connective tissue disease Hypnotemia the diabetes the smoking the Hypertension the metabolic The root cause you’ve got to get to the Root cause problem We don’t want to treat your symptoms Only that’s wrong Today we’re going to talk about coronary Artery disease in south asians now this Is a talk not just for south asians it’s For everybody because if you look at the Traditional risk factors there 80 Percent of the risk factors apply to Just about everybody but south asians There’s something more there’s something Funny about them that extra you know There’s other 20 risk factors which we Just can’t put our finger on why do South asians have so much coronary Artery disease so let’s go right into That and the prevalence of heart disease In south asians is extremely high in Non-agents in the united states it’s 2.5 Cad risk okay South asians 7.5 Three times more Yet we think that we are protected that We indians we don’t have a problem People from south india don’t have a Problem people from pakistan bangladesh We don’t have a problem ah we’re fine

You know we We are three times more at risk Than the average person in the united States and this is not just in the uk Usa but it’s in the uk south africa Trinidad fiji australia wherever you go So there’s a problem What is this problem So there’s a threefold increase in heart Disease in south asians in india also So if you look at indians in india They also have a problem Right now we are the number one in the World For coronary artery disease and diabetes And software engineering and a few other Things Right Right but we shouldn’t be number one in This Right So if you look at Non-diabetics Non-diabetics in india and abroad 11 of Them have coronary artery disease Diabetics 21 of them have severe Coronary artery disease and i’m going to Say this is all wrong because the Non-diabetics 11 That have tree they also they actually Have diabetes they just don’t know it Because our whole methodology in Measuring who’s got diabetes and who Doesn’t have diabetes is totally flawed

And today i’m going to expose that to You to tell you that when we go to our Regular doctors and everywhere else They’re not telling you the truth Not because they don’t want it it’s Because they don’t know themselves There’s no difference between Pre-diabetes and diabetes and i’m going To show you that today So pre-diabetes so since we talked about Let me just talk about that Pre-diabetes is when your insulin levels Are running so high but your sugars are Still okay Because it’s just taking a whole lot of Insulin To keep your sugars under control now The day that your sugar goes out of Control you say oh your sugars are high Now because the insulin can’t keep it Down say oh you’re a diabetic now And when the patient becomes a diabetic Then you do the angiograms the ct scans And you do the work oh my god all your Arteries are clogged up and you know It didn’t happen overnight You earned it it took you 20 years to do It 15 years to do it that’s what made You What you are it takes 10 to no this Should scare all of you and i hope that You take this home It takes 10 to 15 years of pre-hype Attention to develo i mean pre-diabetes

To develop diabetes That means the process actually starts In your 30s and 40s when the Bad lifestyle and the sugar intake and The frequency of eating causes Hyperinsulinemia So you have high insulin so now when i Eat a meal instead of making this much Insulin I have to have this much insulin And as the years go by i make more and More and more insulin Why am i making more insulin because i’m Becoming resistant to insulin why am i Becoming resistant to insulin because It’s a hormone so what well a hormone Has to be cyclical How do How do women not ovulate when you give Them the birth control pool because it’s Supposed to have periodic variations in The hormonal levels but when you have a Constant level of the hormone the body Doesn’t respond to it so you don’t Ovulate anymore right that’s how birth Control works Now we think That we can have constantly elevated Insulin levels because we’re eating Every two three hours and we’re eating Processed foods and refined foods and Then you expect the body to respond with Insulin Well you’ll make insulin but your body

Will not respond to it so what happens As the years go by you start having to Make a gallon of insulin at each meal So then the question really you should Be asking me is that then dark but the Sugar is under good control so what’s Wrong with that Well you missed the boat All of us missed the boat the doctors Missed the boat It’s not the sugar that’s hurting you so Much 20 of the The bad stuff in your in your heart and Your arteries and your body and your Brain and your kidneys is because of the High sugar but 80 because of the high Insulin So what happens is that it’s the Hyperinsulinemia that’s hurting your Arteries that’s paralyzing your arteries Causing calcification of your arteries Causing hardening of your arteries so That by the time you become a diabetic It’s too late so why am i hopping on all This because most indians are either Pre-diabetic or diabetic and they just Don’t know it Because they feel good you can’t measure Your sugar levels and you can’t feel it You can only measure it you can’t feel My sugar like oh yeah my sugar is good Today no you just don’t know that So you have to get it measured

So now it says here that non-diabetic Risk Is 11 in india because many already have Pre-diabetes happiness and they just Don’t know it they never measured it So i’m saying to you that this is really One disease pre-diabetes and diabetes It’s just a question of where you put Going to draw the line so you’re going To say oh i’m going to call you a Diabetic when your sugar levels are now At 100. So what at 98 i’m not Do you see the fallacy in this thinking But this is how medicine has been And this is the biggest downfall of Medicine that’s why we do such a lousy Job in prevention Because we tried to just categorize Everything that this is a biological Human being is a biological machine this Is not a machine as such It’s biology in action so you got to Look at it differently you can’t say oh A cutoff freeze at a hundred so let me Ask you how did they decide that Diabetes is when your random blood sugar Is greater than 126. how did they decide That Why not 127 why not 125 Is because what they did is that all These people here have high sugars so Now let’s see if you all had high sugars Over 100

When shall we call it diabetes so they Went and looked in everyone’s eyes and They found that when they had Retinopathy Oh He’s got he must have diabetes because He’s got hardening of the arteries you Can see it in the eye and those people Had a blood sugar greater than 126. So inherent in the diagnosis of diabetes At 126 you already have the disease you Already have hardening of the arteries So it’s not like you want to know Whether you’ve got diabetes or to find Out whether you have hardening of the Arteries no you already have it At 126. So that’s why redefining diabetes is the Biggest thing biggest challenge we have Today is diabetes It is the epidemic In the world this is the pandemic This is the real Pandemic sugar Sugar is the pandemic And this is the reason why the entire Indian subcontinent is going to suffer And why america is going to suffer too This is the reason why healthcare is Going to be non-sustainable is because Of of pre-diabetes and diabetes right Now if you look at the definition of Metabolic syndrome which is pre-diabetes By that definition more than 80 percent

Of the us population has either diabetes Or pre-diabetes 80 percent They just don’t know it So let’s go over some of these things Let’s come back to the indians since That’s what we’re talking about today Indians in the us have the same rate of Coronary arteries as indians in india Singapore mauritius fiji Trinidad name it And then in the united states Compared to the caucasian population we Have four times more hospitalization Four times more complications And five to ten times more disease than Those under the age of 40. what does That mean that means it’s a malignant Disease in indians And south asians So whereas a caucasian can get diabetes He’ll manifest his disease in his 60s And his 70s maybe right caucasians under 40. they already have it Doesn’t mean they’re a weaker race There’s something there’s something About the same risk factor presenting Much earlier and in younger people and The mortality is much higher in indians And south asians when they have coronary Artery disease than in caucasians And there is a reason for all this Is because You because you are all cactuses

Living in rainforests What does that mean What does that mean that what i’m trying To tell you is that you’ve come out of Your environment And you’re living in a totally different Environment that’s why you are far more Prone to this disease Than caucasians because teleologically And from the evolutionary standpoint This is not something you’re supposed to You’re not supposed to be eating every Two hours you’re not supposed to be Eating all the sugary things you’re not Supposed to be eating all the processed Foods So if you look at history Of the human being homo sapien right There have been 200 000 generations The agricultural revolution Then how many generations went by in the Agricultural revolution anybody has any Idea It’s only 600 generations only 600 Generations in the agricultural Revolution And how many Generations have gone by with the Industrial revolution 10. So when you look at the span of time and The genetics your genetics Your genetics that you all have here Right now

You want to say oh yeah agricultural is Going to change my genetics you know my Agricultural stuff you know It’s only been 600 generations so that’s Only In the last four minutes Of the history of the homo sapien And the industrial revolution represents One millisecond One millisecond of your entire ancestral History so how do you expect your Genetics to have Evolved So i say to all of you continue doing What you’re doing right now And another hundred thousand generations From now Your progeny will develop the genetic Changes that are going to be necessary To sustain this type of lifestyle and They’ll live to 110 years old as well And they’ll be healthy What kind of nonsense is that So you want to eat plastics and you want To eat artificial and processed foods Fine keep doing it keep doing it keep Doing it Another 100 000 Generations from now those kids will be Able to handle this diet that we’re Doing today you see the lag phase That’s why you’re a cactus in a Rainforest Because your genetics have not evolved

Concurrently With your environment You’re total misplaced and i’m not Talking about just you i’m doing Everybody in the united states Everybody all human beings on this Planet We are misplaced in time And we’ve so rapidly changed our Environment and our food and our Lifestyle and processing and everything Else and then we expect our genetics to Handle it you know i’m a diesel engine And you’re trying to put gasoline in me That’s the problem then you’re wondering Why i sputter and make new noises huh That’s why it happens so coronary artery Disease is definitely more malignant in Cell it’s because genetically You haven’t evolved On that background so the risk factors Are metabolic syndrome as you know Hypertension smoking But look diabetes now diabetes and Pre-diabetes causes hypertension so i’m Going to stop here right now and say That hypertension you all know what high Blood pressure is right oh yeah i got High blood pressure there’s no such Thing as high blood pressure on its own There’s no such thing it’s always a Reason for high blood pressure it’s Either you have sleep apnea because You’re overweight or you have diabetes

Or pre-diabetes Or you have a kidney problem there’s Always a reason for hypertension and if Your doctor says to you oh you just got Hypertension well then what your guy Just wanted to give you hypertension Oh i just knew i had hypertension Deficiency Yeah there’s no such thing So there’s always a reason for Hypertension don’t let anyone tell you That oh yeah you just have idiopathic Hypertension or essential abstraction There’s no such thing And then hyperlipidemia And then connective tissue disease and Obesity now all these things are Understandable but i’m going to tell you What the root cause of all this is the Root cause that can explain all this Explains the obesity the connective Tissue disease hypotenuse the diabetes The smoking the hypertension the Metabolic system the root cause you’ve Got to get to the root cause problem We don’t We don’t treat your symptoms only that’s Wrong right so asians have fewer Traditional risk factors but the Threshold which i already mentioned is Is much worse for south asians so your Body mass index your weight If a caucasian has a body mass more than 25

Then he’ll start running into problems He’s getting overweight now South asians 23 23 Your Your body mass index needs to be less Than 23 your blood pressure needs to be Less than 130 over 85. a caucasian can Handle 140 over 90. You can’t You need to know this so when you go to A doctor it’s not one treatment for all Which is what we tend to do South asian walks into my office a black Guy walks in there hispanic walks in There or caucasian walking everyone will Treat them all same way you can’t do That You see so if a chinese guy has high Blood pressure he’s going to get a Stroke a hemorrhagic stroke at the same Blood pressure that the caucasian will Have nothing wrong and at that same Blood pressure the poor black guys they Get kidney failure go to the dialysis Center you’ll see it So these are ethnic genetics That cause Different phenotypes with the same Degree of disease something going on Here because we are all made different Your genetic background is totally Different Than the genetic background of

Caucasians or latinos or blacks they all Have their problem so when a black guy Comes into my office i’m really worried About his blood pressure and the first Test i’m going to order is a kidney test Because his creatinine is already Elevating At 140 over 90. The chinese guy walks in and if he says I got this intense headache here he’s Got a stroke he’s got a hemorrhage So you got to know some of these things Anyway let’s keep going on so the next One i said is increased abdominal hip Ratio greater than 0.85 So this is very important Because the shape of man has changed The shape of man doesn’t look like david The statue anymore The new man looks like this And he’s got his coke in the one hand And he’s got a hamburger in the other What’s going on the shape of man has Changed and why is he changed i’m going To tell you that this is not just from Eating too much this is from hormonal Change you’ve become a hormonally Modified human being i started out by Talking about hormones which hormone Insulin So now you understand that it’s not About calories in and calories out You can have the same amount of calories But if they’re causing a problem with

Insulin Then you’re going to become a hormonally Modified human being and you’re going to Get all the diseases associated with This with hyperinsulinemia so it’s this Old theory about calories in and Calories out totally wrong So those studies have really been done In rats they’ve been done in human Beings already 2 000 calories both Groups but this group is processed foods They all get sick same group 2 000 Calories but whole foods did you just Fine Because i just told you that for so many Generations you are consuming whole Foods now you’re eating processed foods Your gut didn’t change it’s still 13 Feet of bowels your hormones didn’t Change But now all that processed food All that lot all that flour All the refined products Suddenly hit your duodenum the k cells Go crazy they’ve never seen this before They’ve never seen so much powdery stuff Come through the stomach and say oh my God what are we going to do with all This I’m supposed to be slowly digesting this Over 13 feet of bowels Instead i have to now deal with all this In one onslaught so what do i do i Produce a whole lot of gip which is a

Hormone And that causes the pancreas goes to the Pancreas and says make all the insulin You can man i have a whole truckload of Food here That’s exactly what your body’s language Is saying So the incident comes along pumps into Your bloodstream and says yeah i’m going To get rid of all that sugar like ah and What does it do it puts it all into Storage Insulin’s job is put into storage and When insulin puts into storage where Does it put it it puts it into four Places you all need to know what insulin Does because glucose is bad in the Bloodstream it has to get it out the First place you put it into your liver So you get a fatty liver 80 percent of indians have a fatty liver 80 The next place it puts it is next to the Pancreas so you get a fatty pancreas and A fat in the gut And then the viscera the viscera So you look at him from the back he Looks great turns sideways oh my god That’s the guy That’s the guy so It all goes into the vista and then the Fourth place it goes to is to the Muscles and when it gets to the muscles Then it’s in between all the muscle

Cells and it causes insulin resistance Even more insulin resistance because now Those muscles can’t respond Uh properly to the signals from insulin So if you look around you can see it It’s in front of your eyes everywhere So this is what’s happening with insulin So you’re becoming a hormonally modified Human being so only 2 000 calories you Took in just like the other guy But you took it in the form of processed Foods in the form of powdered stuff lot Flour Croissants Bagels Cake Chips All the processed things that you like Yup yup anything that’s made in a bar Comes in a box Anything that comes in a box don’t eat It Anything that’s made in a factory don’t Eat it Anything that comes with a barcode Donate it Anything that’s going to label on it And says ingredients have all these Things you know is there label on a Banana no Eat it But if it’s got a box and it’s got a Little label on it with nutritional this You know why they do that why do they

Put them because they want to fool you Into thinking you can buy that stuff Half of you no not even half 90 of you Don’t know how to read that label No nobody knows how to read that label Here if i ask you how many grams Of of of of um Okay okay in a teaspoon of sugar how Many grams of glucose is in it or sugar One gram You can’t google you can’t call your Best friend It’s four Right four grams so the packet says and This this this is real okay this is real So a packet says or the can says 24 grams of sugar in it Divide that by four that’s eight would You in your right sense of mind have Eight teaspoons of sugar right now Come on i started this talk by the end Of this talk you should have finished The can right Eight teaspoons of sugar would you do But you’ve been bamboozled You’ve been bamboozled by the industry By the food industry because they want Your money okay just put your money out There go buy that food so you’ll have These beautiful advertisements the Colorings and they’ll show oh yeah you Know you have this drink and they show This happy family killing themselves but You think oh they’re having a great time

And then you think that in the mornings Oh yeah this is great i got my orange Juice my kid i love you my child i love You yeah have some orange juice And then you give him some pop-tarts at The same time say yeah this is good Breakfast for you so have some pop-tarts Here yeah and better still you have some Cereal i took it out of this kellogg’s Box Cereal you’re going to give the kids Some cereal and top it up with some skim Milk in it which is also a product Now that kid is going to develop Pre-diabetes Obesity hormonal modifications Look look the sad thing is we know this And i have all the data for this But who’s listening Only you will listen Because let me tell you government Authorities are not listening The department of agriculture is not Going to listen there’s too many Financial things behind all this you Cannot change there’s too many food Subsidies for all those people that do All the bad things there’s no way you Can but you as the consumer can change It You as the consumer can change this so Anything that goes in a box anything Just don’t eat it so Urban

Urbans indians in in urban area versus Rural areas okay how come in india They weigh more in the cities because Now i’m civilized [Music] A city man And i eat like a city man now Three times a week i go out And i eat out And i have to poison myself Come on This is why the city guys are dying and The urban people are not look at their Waste ratios They’re off they’re sedentary Non-sedentary right abdominal obesity Pre-diabetes this is well documented the Difference between cities and the gowns The grounds being the villages All right so let’s keep talking more Here pre-diabetes the prevalence of Diabetes in u.s 5.3 india 12 to 14 Percent because india has changed the Way it eats Everything is now refined Everything is made out of flour Everything is ready made and you can do It all this busu what you call busu what You call it uh chevron And gatias and All these things that you you find and Say oh yeah this is great stuff i’m Inviting my best friend i love you my Friend you eat this

Yeah that’s what we’re doing yeah and Then if you look at these people they Have high blood pressure they have high Triglycerides they have low hdl so when I look at that i already know that they Have hyperinsulinemia So 50 of south asians are vegetarians Wait a second then why do they have such A high instead of corn oh yeah it’s the Meat yeah yeah you know meat red meat That’s another lie that you’ve all been Taught red meat causes coronarity then Explain to me sir Why If 50 of the population in fact in some Places is even more in india it’s 80 in Certain areas of india are vegetarians How come they have such a high instance Of coronary artery disease It’s not nothing to do with red meat and Chicken It’s nothing to do with that It’s to do with sugar What’s the biggest poison in the world Sugar Sugar So this is all lies Red meat red meat no you i don’t mind Red meat but you got to eat grass Finished red meat So it contains all the vitamin k2 and None of the omega-6s in it you see now The meat you buy today is manufactured

They’re eating corn Since we’re not cow’s supposed to eat Corn And then you give them antibiotics Because the corn rots in their stomach Their four stomachs they’re supposed to You know ruby rubinens right but they Can’t because it corn it starts rotting And then they die so you have to give Them antibiotics to kill all the bad Bacteria in the gut And then there’s bacteria Then all those antibodies get into your Bloodstream and then you get dysbiosis Then you wonder why you all have Dysbiosis And why you got so many antibiotics Going on in your colon killing those Poor bacteria in your gut which should Be actually helping you Do you see the vicious cycle here So i don’t mind me And all my studies clearly show that but Make sure it’s grass finished Natural without that omega-6 corn oil oh No but we got fields and fields of corn For this purpose 80 of the corn is fed to animals not Even humans but it gets to you Through the fat and it’s all omega-6 That brings me to oil because since we Are going to be limited in time let me Just jump right into it what did indians Do

What did they all do they all started Eating vegetable oils because enzyme Keys came out in 1957 and said oh yeah Animal fat is bad for you know so all Butter went out through the door ghee Went out through the door and we went to Vegetable seed oils And hence we have this epidemic also of Coronary artery disease so i told you About sugar being the bad boy what’s the Second worst bad boy vegetable seed oils So why do they call vegetable seed oils Because they’ve bamboozled you again There’s no oil in vegetables but they Call it vegetables here because sounds So healthy you know it’s vegetable seed It’s so nice it’s so benign you know It’s so good it’s good for you vegetable Seed oil My teacher said something about Vegetables right so i’ll have that oil It’s craziness going on so the Vegetables here so they went to Vanaspati ghee That’s vegetable ghee in india so Basically they called it ghee but they Call it vanaspati ghee so this is Vegetable seed oils it contains a whole Lot of omega-6 in it and omega-9 which Is very pro-inflammatory if you saw how They make that oil you won’t touch it If you saw how they make it in that Factory I tell you all the solvents they use all

The chemicals they use the coloring the Deodorizing and everything else and now It looks nice and you know golden red so Nice in a golden color yeah sunflower Seed oil sunflower oil canola oil corn Oil soy oil And you go to the restaurants and they Cook everything in that oil and it’s you Know you think it’s just fine they must Have used the best quality oil you know Yeah They just poison your food for you Sweet poison No vegetable seed oils Vegetable seed oils will kill you Because they cause lots of problems in The body so what they cause is oxidation Because they’re polyunsaturated Polyunsaturated they’re bonds hydrogen Bonds that are unsaturated so what Happens that there are other molecules That can stick to saturated fats there’s Nothing they can interact with you take A piece of ghee and you leave it here Nothing’s going to happen to you it will Not go rancid for months and months it Won’t go rancid but if you take Vegetable seeds it’ll get rancid within A matter of a day for two and in order For it not to go there they put Preservatives in it No vision you want you want to put some Oil you put a piece of butter in there Or better still is pure

Ghee That’s the thing you got to use so i Have your whole lecture on youtube Called the fat lies and it talks about The chemical structures of oils and ghee And and does the full extra co and then All the studies that have been done Showing that people who eat saturated Fats they don’t get coronary arteries Those who eat polyunsaturated fats get Coronary disease and cancer Because it’s so approved in fact i Remember when i was a fellow We used to read all these Studies that they were doing at yale University and you want to grow cancer Cells you put vegetable oil in it You want rats to get cancer you give Them vegetable oils So you feed them vegetable oils and the Poor rats get cancer Oh but you know we do it here ourselves So you know how cisco came out right Crisco you know what crisco is Yeah crisco is cottonseed oil right so It came out because At the turn of the century when the ford Industry was taken off with the cars They used to have all this cotton seeds Left over so they used to get the oil From it it was black and horrible and Used to put that cotton seed in the cars You know to oil them and lubricate them Even then there was so much left over

Because the cotton industry was so big So they said what are we going to do With all the stuff so one smart Scientist said i can think of something And he took it and he put it through a Whole bunch of chemicals and he made it Into this white solid stuff and he Tasted he said no this thing tastes good I think we should feed it to people He sold the The the formula to procter and gamble Procter gamble gamble took it put it in A tin and call it crisco And they said now how are we going to Get people to use this well you see it’s Got a long shelf shelf life Crisco does so they took it and they Made a book A cooking book And they gave it out for free to Everybody this is how you bake with Crisco So right until 1965 66 we used to bake With crisco only And we saw the inside of coronary Arteries shooting up but that’s what Happened in india as well So my point in india is that we moved Away from ghee because we were very Intelligent and we were listening to What the western scientists were doing Here Because in 1977 the mcgovern government Came out and said that it’s it’s all to

Do with saturated fats and we believed It and it’s got nothing to do with it So they blamed saturated fats Vegetarians and non-vegetarians everyone Started consuming vegetable seeds so we Moved away from coconut oil we moved Away from from ghee and we started Consuming vegetable seed oils and this Is what caused a whole new problem for Us so look at the global consumption of Vegetable oils Massive we’ve never consumed so much Vegetable oil in our life peanut oil Cottonseed oil sunflower corn oil canola Or soy bean or palm oil so you say oh Yeah i come home and i like to eat some Nuts so i noticed i only just noticed it Not so many years ago that So beautiful walnuts pecans and all These things but when i laid at the Bottom Roasted in Sunflower seed oil I stopped it so now i buy the raw nuts And i’d rather just eat the raw nuts Without all that oil in it because They’re just ruining it now my nuts have A lot of good oil in it nuts are very Healthy they have good oil in it but not When they are roasted in all that junk So be careful what you do and read those Little did they have a label yeah The the the box of the can of Nuts mixed nuts has a label on it well i

Should have already known So Risk factors so also in india what Happened is that western and Non-vegetarian we started consuming too Much carbs Way too much color and they’re all Processed carbs so look what i’m going To say wheat flour wheat flour is not Something we should all be consuming Your great grandfathers used to have Millet And sorghum Not wheat Remember wheat came in the last one Millisecond In your evolution how can this body Handle wheat when only came in the last One millisecond of your entire Ancestral teleological history as a homo Sapien Doesn’t make sense And then Chickpea flour oh yeah this is healthy Chick what do i say chickpea flour Vegetable cedar then sugars and sweets So as we went to the cities uh i got a Job now you know i’m a software engineer Now i deserve to eat more sweets and Sugars and every time my friends come go To the wedding i know this doesn’t Matter i still bring the meat home and i Eat every day a piece of sweet and i Love this stuff my best friends come i

Give them some sweets and someone’s Daughter’s getting married it’s sweet Someone dies they give them a lot of us As well [Music] Please join me yeah Any occasion here it is go for it i mean This is what we did But why because i can afford it now Just think about it standard of living Has gone up i can afford it now so i can Afford Some nice poison now I can afford the poison this is exactly What’s happening but if you live to and Eat like a poor man And eat the way your not grandfather but Your great-grandfather ate or granted Great-grandmother ate You will live long of course but you’ll Live healthy you see it’s not lifespan It’s the health span look at indians They want to live into the 90s but after 70 they get dementia they got coronary Artery disease they get peripheral Vascular disease they get bad eyes the Joints are all gone The common thing is inflammation So you think all these joint problems Are just all old age you know well you Never worked your joints that hard it’s Not that it’s because you have Inflammation in your body that’s why Your hips are giving out and your knees

Are given out and your shoulders are Given out it’s inflammation we know that Now So you know so if you look at Inflammation in the body inflammation What is inflammation It’s inflamed against something that’s Foreign to it What’s foreign to it to this body Everything you’re putting inside it is Found your biggest Problem Is your stomach your gut Because that is where the border is that Is the difference between you and the Outside world it’s not the skin and What’s outside it it’s between that You’re a hollow tube there’s a tube that Goes all the way through everything That’s in that tube Is the difference when your gut has to Decide what’s coming in what’s going on What’s friends what’s not friends when It’s breached am i going to act against This am i not going to act against this And that’s what causes inflammation you Get it now what causes inflammation So what’s causing inflammation is what You’re putting down your tube That’s what’s causing the inflammation So But people agents in the u.s they also Eat u.s food which is called the Standard american diet in other words

Sad sad diet Pretty sad isn’t it Yeah So we’re getting an added dose effect Because now we’re going to eat all that Chora and everything else and we’re Going to do all that but then we got to Have pizza twice a week Hamburgers and you get some french fries Throw in a french fry you know i’m Really running late i’m just going to Run in and get some french fries as well Yeah but i can tell you that the french Fries that they used to make with lard Was actually much healthier for you than The french fries you eat today with Vegetable seed oils Because the vegetable seed oils will Produce trans fats so i haven’t Mentioned anything about trans fats So trans fats are the worst type of fats They’re not made from ghee and saturated Fats trans fats are made from Polyunsaturated fats So when you reheat vegetable oils you Create trans fats so when you cook with Vegetable oil and you did your vogar and Everything in it then you reheat it Again in the micro It’s beautiful you’ve got all those Trans fats now You don’t even know it Did you know that you’re creating trans Fats in your own microwave machine if

You’ve made your food in vegetable oils So you want to stay away from vegetable Oils So to reduce the risk This is important now what is also Important in all of us is that we need To identify whether you already have the Disease or not So for indians i tell them look instead Of guessing whether you got disease or Not well you know my cholesterol my Blood pressure my family history yeah That might give you an indication as are You going to rely on that as an Algorithm to tell you whether you Actually have the disease or not No you should do a coronary calcium Score Because that will tell you whether you Actually got the disease yes or no There’s no guessing about it yes i got Caught chemical oh this is a corny Calcium scan okay so this is the scan That i showed you the big machine the Big white stuff that you see where the Arrows are that’s the calcium in the Walls of that that means you already Have the disease you already have it Who’s doing this nobody’s doing this Now oh but i get my stress test oh yeah I do a stress test well how what good is That A stress test is only going to show up Positive when you have a blockage more

Than 70 percent So the you come and i do a stress test On you you pass does that mean you’re All right no Because that just means you have a Blockage maybe but it’s 50 maybe it’s 60 Maybe it’s 70 blocked So i say to you oh yeah you’re fine you Pass your stress test you may have a 50 60 blockage but no problem keep going Are you going to be happy That’s why i do coronary calcium scores Because then i can say to you You don’t have a positive stress test There’s no sign of any lack of Circulation because you have a less than 70 blockage but your calcium score is Positive So you better follow my program or else Because what’s going to happen is that Calcium is going to break and you can Get a heart attack because that’s what a Heart attack is when the calcium breaks Inside the artery and a blood clot forms On it So all south asians should be doing this Calcium score and costs only 99 bucks This is a ct angiogram Ct angiogram is when you inject the dye And then you do the scan of the heart And you can see the heart And you can see the arteries and you can See how badly that artery is clogged up It’s got all those white areas where the

Calcium is and then look at the rest of The artery they’re not nice and big and Juicy Straightforward no this is this is a Very badly diseased arteries look at it No guessing Now when you see that you make them Change their lifestyle You make them lose weight get down to 23 Change your food And do fasting Come to fasting and say these are more Pictures of the arteries and what they Should not look like right all of these Arteries so when i see these you know in A patient then i say okay let’s do a Stress test to see if these are causing Any limitation in your blood flow and That’s how we handle it and then i open Them up if i need to if i need to Here’s more pictures of the same Arteries this is what it looks like see This is what i i study all day long this Is what i’m looking at people’s hearts And that’s how you decide what’s going On Then how do you detect the high insulin Level you drink the sugar water and then You measure The insulin levels after sugar water you Measure your sugar as well Make sure that you’re not a frank Diabetic but you must measure your Insulin levels as well that’s the i

Showed you the machine in there in the Blood lab your crp is a test for Inflammation homocysteine is another Test that can tell you how much Inflammation is your body your a1c tells You about sugar And then the ratio of the triglycerides To hdl is very important because that is The cholesterol issue that tells you What’s going on in your body not your Ldl levels That’s another lie that i have to tell You about It’s got nothing to do with ldl It’s got to do a trigger set in hdl That’s the number one predictor for Coronary artery disease and vascular Disease and that is dependent on your Sugar status and your insulin status So Ldl goes up And it gets oxidized yes it does but That’s not the cause it’s the Inflammation that makes you have small Dense ldl now you’re saying that that Causal relationship that’s a causal no It’s an association It’s like that kid who’s eating Um Who’s eating ice cream all the time and Then one kid drowns then you blame the Ice cream yeah it must be ice cream Because most of the kids who drown have Just been eating ice cream right before

They did Drown right so you blame the ice cream It’s the same thing here with the ldl So We have learned so much about this So what i like to do is do a liver Ultrasound in south asians if you have Fat in your liver You already have the disease you better Change your diet Fat shouldn’t be in the liver You shouldn’t have a fatty liver so why Fast why why do you want to fast Because your insulin levels will come Down with fasting if you don’t eat what Happens to your insulin levels You go down because insulin is only Brought on by eating That’s why i make you fast That’s why if you’re a patient at cvi You have to eat only once a day or twice A day if you eat twice a day you start Out with that eating but you must eat in A six hour window And then no eating the rest of the 18 Hours if you’re constantly eating you’re Making too much insulin so you want to Fast so that your insulin levels come Down so then after fasting for 18 or 24 Hours when you then do eat You’re sensitive to insulin so your Pancreas will only make this much Insulin With the next meal versus a whole gallon

Before so eating in a fasting state Produces small insulin than eating in a Fed state where you produce a lot of Insulin we are always eating in a fed State why are you eating if you just fed Let me ask you why are you eating You just had a meal to eat two hours ago Why you have to eat again Are you hungry Are you hungry You’re not hungry Oh no but i have to eat why Because there are two things One You’re a junkie you’re an addict You’re an addict Just like cocaine just like heroin You’re an addict because that sugar goes To the same part of the brain As dopamine so it gives you that reward Center So now You have to have your next high This is very real guys that’s why Intermittent fasting breaks that habit How do you make a junkie come off his Cocaine you stick him in a room and Don’t give him any heroin that’s it or Cocaine So you go do the same thing you got to Play around with your physiology you got To play around with it so you don’t Become an addict otherwise this is i got To eat now you’re not hungry but you

Still have to eat You’re a junkie So that’s the biggest problem why we eat So frequently number two is we’ve been Socially indoctrinated to eat it’s time To eat So i don’t have an urge or anything yeah And if i don’t eat i’m not going to get Cravings that i got to go eat i got to Eat no But it’s just it’s one o’clock so i Gotta go eat Now i’m saying why do you have two who Said you got to eat three meals a day And two snacks The food industry said that you didn’t Say your doctor didn’t say So i want you all to now have conscious Feeding Conscious feeding that means you eat When you’re hungry If you’re not hungry Don’t eat you’re not going to die So if i stop eating today how much Energy do i have left in my body that Will sustain me anyone got any ideas 42 days minimum 42 days i had a patient i came from fort Lauderdale he weighed 395 pounds i made Him fast for 108 days After 108 days he weighed 195 pounds he Looked like a million bucks his Electrolytes were all completely normal He looked fantastic he only drank water

His diabetes was gone his hypertension’s Gone and another patient that came from West palm beach he lost 70 pounds Drinking only water that’s it he lost 70 Pounds his sugar was gone diabetes is Gone high blood pressure gone joint pain Is all gone he looks like a million Bucks So i’m not saying that all of you should Go out and do 100 day fast or something But i’m just saying that if they didn’t Die i don’t think you’ll die if you Don’t eat for a day I don’t think you’ll die if you don’t Eat for two days You won’t in fact you’ll feel better i Had a patient that came this week to my Office The guy came from up north somewhere i Can’t remember exactly i think it was Jacksonville so this guy he already did He watched my videos and he did a seven Day fast And he lost 18 pounds in seven days 18 Pounds he looks fantastic he says my I’ve never felt better in my life And he said the third day was a little Hard but after the third day he felt so Good he felt ex amazing energy because You see what it also does it detoxes you Fasting detoxifies you because you’ve Got all these heavy metals in you and Toxins Fasting is the only thing that gets rid

Of toxins Number two it gives your gut a break so That the bacteria in your gut can reset Because if you’re constantly eating Those poor bacteria and remember more Than 50 of the nutrients that are Floating inside your bloodstream are not What you ate it’s what your bacteria Have made metabolized and released into Your bloodstream so you need the right Bacteria in your gut All of us in this room have messed up Your gut bacteria And those are your friends you have 10 Trillion cells in your body you have 100 Trillion bacterial cells in your body You are more bacteria than you are human Think about that for a moment it’s a Symbiotic relationship between the Bacteria and you otherwise why did god Put bacteria in our gut for what oh yeah I’m just going to give humans some Bacteria boom Just think about it why would you have Bacteria in your gut and so much so many So you think that a lot of these drugs Work because oh yeah doc gave me this Drug and it goes into my system and i Absorb it and it’s doing it now At least 20 of the drugs are actually Metabolized by your bacteria in your gut And their metabolites get released into Your bloodstream so therefore if you Wiped out all your bacteria so if we did

The study in mice we do it all the time Take out all the bacteria then we give Them the drug no effect You put the bacteria back again now you Have an effect in fact we do even better Things we take the the stools from a fat Person And transplant it into a thin person And the thin person gets fat We do the opposite We take the fat guy take out all his Bacteria give him three courses of Antibiotics knock it out and then take The stools of a thin healthy college Student And stick it inside him And he loses weight How do you figure all this out so by the Way if you don’t do that last thing that I said you got to go to california they Do it In california If you’re a high school student i mean a College student and if you can show that You’re healthy you give them a stool Sample they look at the variety of Bacteria in it they say are you healthy Every morning you take a dump with them And you get your dollars [Music] What a great life What a great college students they got It made They can donate all sorts of parts of

Their bodies Nothing goes to waste Nothing goes to waste you know but the Point is The point is that What i’m trying to tell you all is that What you eat has huge repercussions on Your hormones your bacteria Every time you eat you’ve got to Consciously think twice before you put Anything down your stomach what you’re Gonna eat you should be eating fermented Foods you should be eating bacterial Products like you should be eating lots Of yogurt and And all you know sauerkraut if you if You live here you know which is Cauliflower and cabbage that has been Fermented and kefir and And and balsamic vinegar And these These are extremely healthy for your gut So Eat only whole foods please Don’t eat any processed foods Eat high fiber intake from a variety of Plants a lot of fiber Fiber fiber fiber fiber fiber Because fiber what for who it’s not for You You can’t digest fiber Fiber goes to your bacteria I just told you how important bacteria Why are you starving them

So your poor bacteria they’re waiting For their food they only live on one Thing that they love which is fiber Which is a polysaccharide But instead you’re giving them sugar Now there are bacteria that live on Sugar but those are the bad boys They produce metabolites that are no Good So you just invited the The the worst Teams to come and play in your backyard The bad guys Why are you inviting the bad guys into Your gut So kefir sauerkraut kimchi yogurt To improve the biodiversity of your Microbiome And non-processed foods must be whole Foods must be whole must be whole and Measure your blood pressures and get Your weight down to bmi of 23 And you must do intermittent fasting so You can restore insulin sensitivity Which i talked to you about and to Improve your microbiota and to improve Your liquid gut what is that all about Now i’m going to tell you about Inflammation a little bit more So if you have a leaky gut the food Creates an antibody response therefore You get joint pains Mental fog who don’t you know that has Mental fog

Who don’t you know that’s got early Dementia already where do you think That’s coming from It comes from inflammation from the Leaky gut So if you fix the gut all of a sudden That person’s brain starts working Better Because all that inflammatory stuff Crosses the blood-brain barrier causes What is known as mental fog and this Happens not only to old people i do this To a lot of young people they come and Say oh my god doc i’m just every morning I wake up i got this fog my brain is a Fog And then i make them change their diet And the first thing they come back and Say you know i feel so much alive I can think better my memory is better So you got to fast you go to time Restricted feeding oh man omad means Eating one meal a day Because your ancestors and you are not Such great hunters that you can make a Kill every two hours And stop eating at night because you Can’t bring the carcass into your cave Because then the hyenas will come into Your cave as well and eat you up So you’re supposed to only eat one meal A day and get it over with Okay an addiction Consciously think about it because you

Are becoming addicted to wheat Sweetness sugar Caffeine Dairy products and snacks They actually cause addiction you think You’re not addicted i can prove to all Of you you are in some way or the other Addicted So these patients come and say oh i felt So bad by four o’clock i was hungry So i said okay so what did you do it Says i ate then i felt good So i said why do you think you’re Feeling bad my sugar went so low So i said did you measure your sugar Yeah it was 90. so i said that’s not low So they’re feeling bad Is not just low sugar you feeling bad Because you’re a junkie You’re a junkie So Exercise daily and i prefer resistance Etc what does that mean resistance that Means resistance against flow i love Floor exercises is it not just running Running running for four miles a day or Five miles because you were not made to Run Because if you tried to run away from The saber-tooth tiger he’ll have caught You by then You can’t outrun a saber-toothed tiger So teleologically you but you are made To sprint quickly behind a rock

Quickly climb up a tree quickly swim Across a little stream quickly run and Hide move quickly that’s what you’re Supposed to do But all this oh yeah i grew up in the Morning five miles i run run run that’s Nonsense So all these marathon runners come to my Office over here and they’re 62 and they Look like they’re 82. Have you noticed that marathon runners Their skin is all hanging and They’ve got creases everywhere so what Are you doing to yourself but the Sprinters they do great they don’t have Joint problems because you’re producing Antioxidants all the time in your body But your ability is restricted by the Amount that you’re producing all the Time so there’s an imbalance so you hurt Your knees you cause blood pressure you Burn out your organs it’s terrible Running is okay if you just want a Little bit of cardio but just a little Bit of cardio you should do interval Training fast slow fast slow recover Exercise recover exercise push relax Push relax that’s the kind of stuff so It’s a sensible change you can talk to Your your trainers about it but if it Tells you to get on there and run for Half an hour time forget it Aspirin i do do aspirin on some patients Vitamins vitamin k2 is extremely

Important for indians because since we Changed our diet we don’t get enough Vitamin k2 all of you must be taking Vitamin k2 not k1 k2 you have to be on K2 You have to be on k2 If you don’t take vitamin k2 you’re Going to get calcification of your Arteries i have all the studies there’s A whole lecture that i give just on Vitamin k2 Omega-3 you have to take because there’s Not enough omega-3 in our foods vitamin D3 you have to take because there’s not Enough vitamin d3 in your diet and i Love this herb called berberine it’s Fantastic for mostly for indians because It improves your sugar and your insulin Levels And then i do give metformin And i also use angiotensin receptor Blockers so these are medicines that i Actually use when i have to And there are other diabetes drugs that I also use because They’re very important but the mechanism Is important i don’t want to increase Insulin levels i want to give medicines That actually decrease insulin levels Um And then You know There’s These medicines the sglt2 inhibitor but

You know you don’t need to know about All this this is what the doctors are Supposed to know they reduce Cardiovascularis by 38 percent Hospitalization by 35 dead how do these Drugs work they actually make you pee Out the sugar in your body excessive Sugar So in summary this is the last few Slides lose weight Avoid all sugar and high fructose Concentra i don’t say anything about Fruit that’s the other lie You know what happened in the 70s they Took fruit and vegetables together Lumped it oh you must have lots of Fruits and vegetables fruits are Overrated It’s just nature’s candy it’s full of Fructose so nothing else in it Hardly anything in fruit except sugar You want fruit have it once or twice a Week but not this i have food for Breakfast in the evening after i finish Eating i watch my tv and i sit with a Whole bowl of fruit that’s nonsense Fruit is supposed to be seasonal and Supposed to come in the fall so that you Can get through winter so animals have Fruits and berries so the fructose Levels go high they go become insulin Resistant they put on a lot of fat then They go into hibernation in winter for Us winter never comes

Why are you taking fructose when there’s No winter for you Just think about this logically you Would say my god the insanity The insanity is just going crazy Avoid vegetable seed oils Time restricted feeding avoid Antibiotics look if you’ve got a cold if Your poor kid’s got a cold leave him Alone Why are you giving him an antibiotic For what Do you know my kids i give them maybe Once or twice antibiotics my wife used To get mad at me oh my butchu you know i Said leave him alone Leave the kid alone It’s a virus It’s a virus leave him alone but no i Have to do it so only twice and thank Goodness they were all very healthy and And and doing exceedingly well and And i just just mean physically mentally As well because it’s all linked together It’s all linked together but i mean if You’re going to give this garbage dad And expect your kid in school to be Bushy-tailed and awake and alert all the Time nonsense because he takes that Sugar then causes the dip then he falls Asleep in class then he gets out again Takes another sugar high and he’s like This is uncontrollable the teacher Saying sit down tommy but what is this

You’re responsible for his bad behavior In class You’re the cause of it Never mind Okay consume organic meat Seven hours of sleep that’s very Important if you don’t sleep enough your Hormones are going to be mucked up i Don’t care what happens to you you have To have seven hours of sleep every day Look as busy as i am I get seven hours of sleep every night I make sure i go for seven hours of Sleep and resistance exercises stress Man now this is important So if you look at indians we’ve come Abroad and even in india it’s a new Economy in that this competitiveness This looking at you know My boss makes this much and that guy’s Cars like this the comparison that we do Is very hurtful to our physiology so i’m Just going to leave you with a couple of Studies that that really come to mind The whitehall study looked at people in Whitehall who all had the same Healthcare availability but those were At the lowest ranks had the highest Coronary arteries those at the highest Ranks did not that means control at work How much autonomy you get with Very important so it’s again this is Your Idea of who you are

Metabolizes into your physiology Your idea of who you are who you think You are what am i oh yeah i’m i am an Educated person i am a good person i Have a lot of friends you know Your self-esteem your relationships with People your purpose in life your purpose At work and how much how much control You have in your life metabolizes itself Into your physiology so these studies Have been done over and over again so Have good friends Have a good friend circle understand What life is and and don’t get caught up In only these goals that sometimes are Unattainable and materialistic there has To be a stress management a meaning Spirituality in your life and do Pleasurable activities find something That makes makes it fun in your life That you really like to do find it find It and do it And don’t drink more than one drink a Day One alcohol actually makes you live Longer second one nullifies the effects Of the first one third one hurts you So there you go And then 10 minutes of direct sunshine Every day because you are supposed to Have sunshine but instead we wear this Clothes we come indoor all the time and We’re afraid of the sun and of course These people

Skin lotion look at all this sunscreen And everything it’s all nonsense Go out and get some sunshine 10 minutes Every day direct sunshine stay in it Yeah take your top off Okay behavioral therapy your enablers There are some friends that love you but They’re going to kill you So watch out for them okay and avoid the Addictive foods That’s it guys I hope you enjoyed it thanks [Applause] What we commonly told is a total lie The only time you’re supposed to eat Every two three hours is if you’re Expecting a baby You can’t go wrong with it [Laughter] So i always say pregnant women shouldn’t Be doing this of course they should be Eating for their baby but even then they Need to be eating whole foods and right Foods and if you look at the indian Culture you know throughout the Pregnancy in different stages of the Pregnancy the grandmothers usually tend To eat certain types of foods and There’s a lot of intelligence behind it And you follow some of that intelligence You’ll do very well but for the rest of Us who are not growing like that no it’s A total lie it’s been made up it’s an Old wives tale that you’re going to eat

Lots of small little meals that was Debunked in the 70s but it’s still you Know all these things are very hard to Erase now But they’ve been stuck in our psyche for A very long time but no you are made to Feast and fast feast and fast our Physiology is made for that and the Identity and talk about ketones and Ketogenesis today and when you start Making ketones that’s a whole different Talk but basically you’re a hybrid Machine you’re supposed to be working on Gasoline and then diesel gasoline then Diesel in this case you’re supposed to Be working on glucose and ketones Glucose and ketones but if you’re just On glucose glucose all the time then the Insulin is just going to make your store Store store store store and the storage Never gets used so you have a nice fat Deposit account which never gets used And that fat deposit is inflammatory it There needs to be a turnover of it all The time So you’re supposed to feast and fast Fish that’s the machinery you are made For but we changed it and we only use One kind all the time so next time go Buy a hybrid car and only use gas all The time You can’t do that that’s not the way It’s supposed to be used Olive oil so olive is a fruit so any

Fruit oil is okay now even then you Think that olive oil is all Monounsaturated fats it’s not It’s only 50 to 60 monounsaturated fats And then 30 to 35 is actually saturated And then 10 percent is polyunsaturated So monounsaturated fats are okay they Neutral they’re not good for you watch What i’m saying It’s not that it’s good for you others You’ll go out and start using olive oil For in buckets and buckets and some People actually do that or a consumer no It’s got saturated fat it’s called Monounsaturated which is neutral so you Can use it for the salads don’t heat it Because it’ll break down and cause trans Fats so olive oil is okay use it in your Salad with balsamic vinegar but don’t Heat it because it’ll break down ghee Has the highest breaking point of all Fats that’s why we use ghee because you Can heat it up to 400 degrees it will Not break down but if you take any other Oil it will break down at 200 degrees It’s already breaking down into bad fats Mustard oil Yeah mustard oil is okay in small Amounts it is medicinal but it also is It’s it’s It’s cancerous so if you eat too much of That it can cause cancer too so for Occasions for certain types of foods you Can use it sesame oil on the other hand

Is okay So sesame oil is much better so in the Order is ghee Then sesame oil And then mustard oil in our foods Yeah it’s not a good idea and if you Look at the mediterranean diet they Never fried in in in that oil they never Did and the medicine diet they say is Very good well you know median diet has Mostly vegetables only and they used to Eat meat only once a week but they they Did have olive oil because that’s all They had in those days but they didn’t Fry in it because they didn’t eat much Fried food so olive oil should not be Fried I tell everyone just to use ghee Yeah Yeah it’s the best thing to use yeah now You can occasionally fry in sunflower Oil or whatever oil you want but then You got to do it occasionally only like Let’s say once in a while you want to Make some potato chips okay okay i don’t Mind that But you can do that once every three Weeks let’s say And then that oil Get rid of it So you can occasionally fry but use Use don’t reuse that oil don’t reuse at All but you can use it yeah you can Yes

There is no way i can explain this to Anybody In hindi i don’t have it in hindi Well i can ask tim if he will take it And then have somebody put subtitles in Hindi at the bottom yeah That’ll be great Yes yes yes it’s a very nutty business So It’s it’s crazy So Peanuts Peanuts are a legume They’re not a nut did you know that They belong to the pea family So they are legumes and they contain a Lot of lectins in them so that’s one Cashews cashews are also a legume so They have a lot of lectins in it so if You want to eat nuts you got to eat the Real nuts which are walnuts pecans Almonds Hazelnuts Pistachios those are the real nuts Macadamia brazilian nuts those are very Good for you and you should probably eat A fistful which is what i do every day i Eat a fistful of those more and without That not not the ones that come in the Tin that have been You know what i told you earlier on just Buy the raw ones and Okay so smoothies so i get asked this All the time about smoothies you know

Generally speaking i was doing smoothies Years and years ago but now i don’t do It because just think about it there was No electricity or smoothie machines And one reason why we have bad teeth Today is because we don’t use the teeth The way we should use teeth That’s why our kids are all growing up And each and every kid needs to go to The orthodontist because the teeth never Get stressed so they never grow in the Right shape and size and the arch of the Palate doesn’t grow properly and then These poor kids have small jaws and they Don’t have the right size jaw and they Have small little jaws and therefore They get crowding and all these things It’s so you’re right you it’s suppose You’re supposed to use your teeth and we Don’t even let our poor kids use tea And we give them straws so then the top Of their arch goes crazy i just give him Up something real to eat and drink Yeah very good good question mook has Two problems One is some people can’t tolerate it Okay But the other problem is that it’s got Gluteus It has caseomorphine in it so casey Morphin makes you addicted to milk so if You drink a lot of milk every day you’ll Crave for it so you do become addicted To it the third thing is that there are

Studies to show that dairy products Actually reduce the incidence of heart Disease but then the biggest problem With it is that the protein that’s in Milk is not very easily absorbed the Casein in it is is not easy to absorb And most adults don’t need milk Because we are the only species that Still drinks milk of another mammal That’s true Doesn’t make sense so i say you want the Protein you want the milk products you Can get that from other things so i said Don’t drink more you can add milk to Your tea to your coffee But i don’t drink milk and i don’t Advise people to drink more yeah and Then plus cows their Dna is 50 Spider Yes now the problem also to today’s milk Has a lot of um hormones in it a lot of Hormones and antibiotics in today’s milk So That’s why i don’t i don’t advise milk Way too many hormones in it Yes yes ma’am Yeah well There’s very few healthy vegans i’ve Seen in my office Being a vegan is very hard And a lot of them have too much carbs So they’ll go and buy all these packaged Foods and boxed foods and everything

Else but it’s all vegan and they think They’re very very healthy but it’s all Processed and a lot of carbs and they All have diabetes and this is a no vegan Is very hard to do it’s a full-time job So i tell people look you got to live Your life as well you don’t have to be a Vegan there’s nothing wrong with eating The right kinds of meats a little bit of Chicken organic chicken a little bit of Red meat that is grass finished some Organic eggs Fish which should be wild caught fish Like salmon there’s nothing wrong with That but of course you don’t want to go Crazy with it so you’re supposed to have A balance that means you eat fish maybe Once a week you might eat red meat once Every 10 days you might eat a little bit Of chicken on it but to go extreme is Not a good idea i want to just leave you With one thought okay The okinawans Live to 100. They eat mostly starch Then you have the eskimos Who never eats touch They only admit they eat They eat fish all the time and once in a While they’ll go and eat some seaweed Right they live to 100. Then the maasai tribes in east africa I’m familiar with them because i’m an African

They drink blood And they drink milk and once in a while That cow dies then they’ll eat the cow And they live to 100 What’s wrong with all these people how Come the one thing they all have in Common is not this diet that diet meat No meat one thing they all have in Common All eat non-processed food Natural Natural food that’s what they did so Whether it’s high carb low carb so People say paleo diet well palliative if You do a pure paleo diet you’ll live Long But provided that it’s the right stuff You know that it’s not this it’s it’s Going to be Proper so i don’t i don’t say don’t go Crazy because all these crazy that’s why The diets don’t work so people come to Me and say oh i want this outline of What lunch breakfast dinner i said i Don’t know you know you’re an italian so I don’t know what foods you like But But whatever you eat Whatever you eat just make sure it’s Whole Non-processed And whole that’s it Now you know your gujarati You may be punjabi

I don’t know what kind of it’s nice it’s Whole As long as it’s natural unadulterated You’re going to do fine That’s my point Great great great great you see the nice Thing about fermented foods nature has Already done half the digestion for us So that’s why you got to do it so There’s a couple of things i want to Tell you about that fermented foods Nature’s already half digested it so all The bad stuff that’s in milk for example It’s really good that’s why you can have You can have yogurt and you can have Kefir and all those are fine even people But when they drink milk they feel Terrible so that’s number one right the Second thing is that when you soak Something in water and then the water Goes into the food like beans or lentils Or whatever and then you heat it in a Pressure cooker it kills all the lentils So 10 minutes of pressure cooking of Food After you’ve soaked it overnight first It kills the lentils in it so the old Way of cooking Is the way to really go we must kill the Lentils soak them overnight first beans Or whatever so the same idea that nature Will take care of a lot of things for You but fermented foods are wonderful Yeah so vitamin k2 which i think all of

You should be on is 200 micrograms a day 200 micrograms so that’s vitamin k2 Vitamin d is 5 000 units a day Sorry what’s your take on multivitamins In general I don’t because you know you don’t know What’s missing in your body so if you Really want to know then you do a blood Test it’s called spectrocell which Measures all the minerals amino acids And antioxidants and everything in your Body then take only what is missing Because i think that if you overdo it And you start taking all this vitamins Your body has to deal with it you know It has to deal with all that unnecessary Stuff in there it’s just it’s not normal It’s not natural there’s no multivitamin In nature that i can go up and pick up See i’m trying to be more natural When you just go with the themes of Nature and be seasonal eat the seasonal Foods And eat foods in the whole state you’ll Get everything your liver can store Everything Your liver can store All the vitamins for six months That’s where the liver is the most Healthy food No indians are not born with smaller Cornea but one didn’t say oh i’m going To give you small arteries no it’s Because when you do angiogram the artery

Appears smaller because it’s diffuse Disease that’s one of the Characteristics of coronary artery Disease in in south asians they don’t Just get focal disease in one area the Whole artery gets lined with plaque so When you do the angiogram they look Smaller but actually if you look at it From the outside they’re actually big so Yes you are right that they talk about Small arteries but they’re not small They’re small on the inside Yeah so how long should you do that it’s Not actually feeling fine you know you Can continue to do that there’s many Goals in people’s lives one goal is to Lose weight and if you want to lose Weight then you keep doing it till you Get to that goal Once you get to that weight you say okay I want a bm out of 25. so you keep doing It till you get to 25. or you feel Comfortable at 27 and you do stop at 27. So that’s one goal the other goal is Just i never want to get sick i want to Stay perfectly healthy Then those patients should do Fasting at least two to three days a Month two to three days minimum a month When they do 24 hour fasts that’s just Generally they just want to stay healthy Right right and then there are others Who want to reverse their diabetes So those who want to reverse their

Diabetes the weight is not the goal the Goal is going to be your insulin levels And your hemoglobin a1c so you keep Doing it every two three days you keep Fasting every two three days you do your 24 hour fast till your insulin levels Come down to your hemoglobin a once it Gets to your goal so everyone has a Different goal it depends what your goal Is what’s your goal in all of this So you’re on reverse diabetes now if you Have cancer there’s a different goal In cancer when you get chemotherapy for Example If you do chemotherapy after doing a Three-day water fast You hardly get any side effects of the Medications you get a better response Much better response as well so you see There’s different different things you Can do with fasting but it changes your Physiology which i can go into your Whole biochemistry of ketogenesis and The homesis that occurs in the cells but That’s a different topic so it’s a very Good question that’s why i think that You really need someone to guide you but As a general rule If you do a 8 16 every day except Weekends so five days a week and then at Least three times a month you do a 24 Hour fast i think that it’s good for Everybody And if you look at our calendar these

Two agres they used to do that right Poonam they do all these things so It was built into Very true so it’s called the uh the fast The the fasting reward so when you break Your fast but not a 24 hour fast to get Stem cell mobilization you really have To do a three-day water fast So after three days on the third day When you start eating then you get Tremendous increase in your stem cells Usually occurs on day number three Yeah Yeah three day water fast and then on The third day when you break your fast Your stem cells will go out of control Really crazy it’s just so wonderful Because during those three days Something happened called autophagy Autophagy is in your body where you’re Recycling all the intracellular Organelles that’s the whole lecture i Can give you on fasting the physiology Of fasting that’s a separate that’s in My talk that i give but basically All those organelles get replaced right They get recycled and thrown out of the Cells and the mitochondria also all the Old ones die now you need new ones So The new cells start coming up and with It the stem cells also come in because Senescent cells have died the stem cells Which are pluripotent they go and

Replace the cells that need replacing And one of the cells they replace And this should i want you to all leave With this One of the cells they replace whether You like to believe this or not is your Brain So you think that your brain cells once They’re dead they did you collapse You’re done no the studies are not sure Now i’m showing that when you fast You not only preserve your brain cells But you can actually grow new cells Yeah And there’s a substance called bdnf Brain derived neurotropic factor bdnf And bdnf actually increases also on day Number three so you see the theme here Three days it seems to be the magic Number if you want to get really high Level benefit from fasting it’s the Three day water fast Three day water fast every Six to seven weeks You do a three-day water fast That is the ultimate i mean that just Gets you the best benefit if you don’t Want to get premature dementia You don’t want to get cancer If you have connective tissue disease If you have diabetes Three-day water fast but during those Three days Your caveat says you cannot take your

Diabetes medicine during those three Days otherwise your sugar may drop Because you’re not taking calories right And you mustn’t take your blood pressure Medications because your blood pressure May drop and just drink lots of water so During the three days it’s just water Water water water only that’s it and if You have a physician who is agreeable or Understanding you need to tell them that You’re doing a three-day water fest Because if you start getting cramps on The second day oh crams that’s because You’re losing salt and magnesium So then you take a glass of water put a Pinch of salt in it and you drink it Your cramps go away if you’re going Through withdrawal he should be able to See that oh my god the sugars are fine But this guy’s breaking out here so he’s Truly a junkie Slow down now you need to you can’t be Eating five meals a day and then go do a Three-day water fast You need to condition your body to get Into a three-day water fast so you first Start skipping random meals one day Lunch one day dinner one then go to two Meals a day you do that for three four Weeks Then go to one meal a day five days a Week Five days a week one meal then two three Meals on the weekends you do that for a

Couple of weeks then you say now my body Is ready to do a three-day water fast You can have black coffee black tea and Water black coffee black tea you can Have and then hunger oh my god doc i was Really really hungry what do you do well No problem take your chai put your Masala in it because that doesn’t break Your fast and then you put half a Teaspoon of ghee in it And now you drink that your hunger is Gone No sugar no rise in your insulin so These are little tricks that a physician Can teach you but somebody who’s into This [Music] You

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