How to Reduce Cellulite and My Anti-Aging Melatonin Protocol – Q&A Siim Land

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00:15 Calories vs Hormones
04:28 Best Testosterone Booster
06:15 Best Carb Sources
07:55 How Much Glycine for Women
08:55 FDA NMN Ban
10:00 Which Magnesium Supplement to Take
11:11 How to Reduce Cellulite
12:01 Stay Insulin Sensitive While Bulking
14:56 Raw vs Cooked Proteins
16:11 TMG or Glycine Before Bed
17:00 Thoughts on Oatmeal
17:28 How Much Sun Daily
19:08 How Much Weight Should You Be Able to Lift as a Man
22:35 New NMN Papers
23:38 High vs Low Reps for Glycogen Depletion
25:15 My Melatonin Protocol
27:00 Are Roasted Nuts Bad
27:50 Why Take Glycine if You Get it From Diet
30:00 Thoughts on Infrared Blankets

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Hey welcome back to the channel my name Is Sim lond and today we’re doing Another Instagram q a where I answer Questions that you asked me on Instagram And if you want to ask yourself the Question in the future then make sure You follow me on Instagram at steam London alright so first question are Calories and hormones responsible for Obesity so that’s the very you know Conflicting uh let’s say stance like is It calories that causes obesity is it Hormones is it incident that causes Obesity I personally think that you know It’s a combination of both the main Culprit is definitely like calories when You look at a trend then over the past Few decades then the amount of calories Consumed in Western countries has Increased quite a lot we’re consuming You know 200 500 more calories a day Some individuals in the US especially They may be even consuming like a Thousand more calories a day and yeah That’s just generally the main cause of Why people are gaining weight and why There is like a massive problem with Obesity and those calories generally Come from you know processed foods junk Foods restaurants takeaways those things Many people don’t cook their Foods Anymore and they opt for the Pre-packaged Foods TV dinners all those Things that just have added calories and

Yeah those calories add up quite easily Like you can easily have you know 400 More calories in a salad if you just add More dressing and oils and those kind of Things eating regular spinach lettuce Broccoli isn’t going to make you fat It’s going to make you fat only if you Have like Caesar Caesar salad dressing Uh or yeah just other kind of added Calories in the meal the amount of like Carbohydrate intake hasn’t necessarily Increased uh or like from Whole Food Carbohydrates it doesn’t increase Necessarily it’s mostly increased from Added sugars and sugar sweetened Beverages and added fats as well so it’s Not that you know people are eating Low-fat diets they’re not they’re eating High fat diets high carb diets and low Protein diets which generally just makes Their bodies burn less calories first of All reduces their insensitivity makes Them gain weight and causes this leptin Resistance that enforces overeating over Time like your brain doesn’t receive the Message that it’s full and that that’s The reason why people overeat like their Processed junk food generated overrides This they satiety signals and causes Leptin resistance which over time causes Insulin resistance which keeps your Blood sugar levels elevated all the time And yeah that makes your body less Responsive to you know the

Exercise as well as makes it easier to Store fat and calories so if you are Lean and healthy then carbs are fine you Can even eat junk food if you’re lean And healthy because you’re already Insensitive the further you gravitate Away from the center where you are Insulin sensitive the worse it becomes The easier it is to store calories Because your body loses its instant Sensitivity and loses its ability to Pretty much Store calories and glucose in the muscle Cells as well so from a hormonal side Then insulin alone isn’t the issue Because I mean lean people athletes they Eat a lot of carbs and they’re very like Insensitive so it’s a matter of insulin Resistance that usually caused by over Consumption of calories and over Consumption effects and carbs so it’s Not carbs it’s not fat it’s just the Over consumption of calories that causes This hormonal disruption and this like Insulin resistance that makes people Gain weight over time much more so and Also the psychological aspect of just Eating more And craving more of the calories this Episode is brought to you by born charge Formerly known as blue blocks my Favorite light and seapamation companies Blue blocks has rebranded themselves as Bond charge they’re now involved with a

Huge range of evidence-based products to Improve your wellness and life in every Way their extensive range of Premium Wellness products helps you to sleep Better perform better have more energy Recover faster balance your hormones and Reduce inflammation my favorites are Their red light light bulbs because they Can be used to create a melatonin Friendly environment in your bedroom by Shining only red and not blue or green Light waves that will reduce your steep Quality after starting to use these red Light bulbs I find it much easier to Fall asleep and feel less awake before Bed if you want to try out these amazing Products that are the cornerstones to my Most optimal sleep then head over to And use the code Scene 15 to save 15 Best test of booster so I think best Testosterone booster is probably like Resistance exercise or heavy compound Lifts barbell squats deadlifts bench Press overhead press those uh and in Studies they do find that these heavier Compound lifts are more Superior for Testosterone protein synthesis igf-1 Levels and uh Just results as well in terms of the Muscle growth and strength But of course like if you are sleep Deprived your uh on a chronic stress and On the calorie restriction a lot then

Even then it’s not going to help you so You need to have like you know the Lifestyle optimized but individually 101 Then the heavy resistance training is Generally the most powerful testosterone Booster Uh to do [Music] What to do with leaky gut so uh Generally for the leaky gut you want to Um first identify what is causing that Usually some sort of like inflammatory Uh compounds or Foods uh certainly like Lectins and oxalates or those kind of Things the plant compounds could cause Leaky gut for some individuals Um but generally it’s like an allergy or Something like that that triggers the Issue Gluten could be an issue as well but if You’re not gluten intolerant then Generally you you need to like avoid Gluten either Uh and to like repair the gut lining you Need to versus remove the like Inflammatory food that is causing issues As well as just uh increase your protein Intake glycine is great collagen is good And protein intake overall plus some Glutamine glutamine supplementation is Also like directly helps with the repair Of the intestinal lining What are the best sources of carbs do You advise taking resistant starch so I

Think the best sources of carbs for you Know health and body composition are Fruits potatoes maybe rice buckwheat Millet and yeah those kind of carbs Those are generally the healthiest like Complex carbs starchy carbs uh resistant Starch I think the resistance starch is A good addition for gut health and Resistance large also just lowers The Logical response of the meal and Improves digestion so yeah like cooked And cool potatoes are great And uh cooking cool rice or green Bananas there’s a slightly Greener Bananas can be uh amazing Can fruits be good and how adding them To a low carb diet Yeah fruits are great Um you know generally you don’t need to Avoid fruits I wouldn’t consume like Super high amounts of fruits like a Fruitarian diet probably isn’t the best Especially like a high meat diet as well A lot of fruits can be you know you Could create a lot of these ages Advanced glycation and products from That Um which is probably not the best for Skin Health overall and but in Moderation a little bit of fruit a Little bit of berries are great they Have like some polyphenols good for Hydration and like quick exercise boosts As well

What are the best vegan protein powders Um I think uh you know the best vegan Protein powder that I’ve come across is By newsest which has like pea protein And it has like Stevia and sweeteners Also it’s pretty you know Natural in the sense and it tastes Pretty damn good Uh how much glice in a day for a woman Of 49 kilograms 49 kilograms I mean for glycine you know You need Generally like at least 10 grams almost Everyone would need because or for Optimal Health and for optimal College Internal where you would definitely need At least 10 grams because yeah your body Makes three grams every day itself but Those three grams go for you know Creatine and glutathione synthesis which Doesn’t leave that much less for the Collagen synthesis but the daily Collagen turnover is like 12 grams so Yeah like your body makes three you Consume a bit of from diet and take like 10 grams of supplement as a glycine then That pretty much covers your daily Optimal intake of the glycine Of course you can get away with less but Yeah I mean the collagen decreases with Age and glycine also has like just other Health benefits in terms of like Inflammation and logic levels

Uh to do what are thoughts on Davis Sinclair getting the FDA to ban him and Supplements so um yeah I made a video About it check it out it just uh talks About how the FDA considers nmn to not Be suitable to be sold as a dietary Supplement I don’t agree with that Definitely because yeah first of all nmn Can be found in Whole Foods like Broccoli tomatoes and other vegetables It’s just the quantities are so small uh Regular enemn is is a dietary supplement I don’t think there is anything about The regular nmn that would uh would not Make it a supplement it’s only the beta Crystalline uh nmn so the mib626 that David Sinclair helps to formulate that One is is the pharmaceutical I think the Band should apply to that so that’s my Thoughts so I think overall I think the Likelihood that the actual the regular Enderman getting banned from like Amazon And that being sold in the US is quite Low it’s maybe like 25 I guess but uh The 75 would mean that uh it only Applies to the mib626 Which magnesium supplement to take There’s lots of different ones So there’s different forms of magnesium Magnesium with urinate this glycinate Malate tolerate oxide sulfate by Bicarbonate uh I think the best ones are For the brain especially is a three or Eight and for sleep as well for Sleep

Also like this glycinate malate and Toroid are good for their heart function So obviously yeah like you would be Better if you combine different forms of Magnesium but uh consuming like any form Of magnesium will still raise your Magnesium status and magnesium levels It’s just some of them are you know Targeting different uh areas of the body And some of them are just less Bioavailable so like oxide generally Doesn’t have that good by availability Citrate Is usually used for like diarrhea and Constipation because it can cause you to Get diarrhea or something like that so It actually doesn’t like really rage our Blood magnesium levels that much but Regardless I personally like this Glistenate three and eight malate Orotate as well and taurine or yeah Um How to reduce cellulite so uh yeah for For that you know there’s like stretch Marks as well as the cellulite on the Skin a lot of it you know can be Improved with some weight loss and Resistance training strength training uh Not precise stretch mark like you know If you build muscle then you can even be Lean and still get stretch marks but for The cellulite it does improve the skin Condition uh red light as well Derma Rolling so using this micro needling

Devices on the skin is probably it’s Good for both it’s good for the stretch Marks as well the cellulite a good diet And inflammatory diet or you know the Diet that doesn’t raise your Inflammation doesn’t cause any allergic Responses collagen glycine microneedling Red light infrared sauna cold therapy Probably as well next question how to Stay insulin sensitive while bulking so Uh yeah obviously to build muscle mass Then you need to be in some aspects of a Calorie Surplus the amount of excess Calories That you need to consume isn’t that much Like you can get away with even like 300 Calorie Surplus and still build muscle Quite nicely what your main focus should Be is on the Progressive overload you Just want to focus on the training and Getting stronger over time because you Know there’s only a certain limit of how Much body or how much muscle your body Can build under a calorie Surplus it’s Almost like time gated you no matter how Many extra calories you eat your body Still won’t build more muscle uh it only Builds muscle like there’s certain Amount of muscle that can build every Day and every week in my opinion it Almost feels like that so there’s no Point in eating like a thousand calorie Surplus or a 2 000 calorie Surplus or Something like that you can get away

With only like a 300 500 calorie Surplants and that already pretty much Avoids the situation where you’re gonna Get this insulin resistance and uh You know high blood pressure or bad Lipids and those kind of things the Worst thing when you are doing bulking Is to mess up your biomarkers Um because you know or especially if You’re not training the right way if You’re bulking eating extra calories and You’re not treating the right way that Will actually build muscle and your Urine kind of winging it you know not Taking that seriously missing workouts And not really seeing Progressive Overload then yeah you’re just getting Cut there’s no point in that when you Are bulking you should yeah focus on the Progressive overload and try to maximize Your training sessions of building the Most muscle from that and then giving Your body just a small surplus of Calories to repair and facilitate the Growth how to also maintain incident Sensitivities to you can maintain the Better insulin relativity by doing some Aspects of like carb cycling so Restricting carb intake on some days and On other days eating out more carbs Especially after workouts some aspects Of Time Machine eating can help with That as well like yeah you don’t need to Eat like six times a day to build muscle

The research suggests that the maximum Meal frequency for Naturals is four Times a day you need to you don’t need To need more than four times a day And I think yeah like for most Individuals even two times a day is Adequate and obviously one minute is Possible but it’s a lot harder I Wouldn’t like recommend uh doing that But two meals is very good and yeah four Meals is the maximum Uh you can also take a few supplements That can help to maintain insensitivity Like chromium decolonate cinnamon you Just take cinnamon as a spice and yeah Like different kinds of glucose disposal Agent supplements like that have Vanadium or berberine and those kind of Things with berberine you want to be Careful careful and not to take it after Resistance training because it can like Suppress mtor which is the muscle growth Pathway but the chromium you can take Pretty much every day and it does help With incidence as it is to In even like healthy resistant strained Individuals What do you know about eating raw Uncooked unheated proteins Uh so uh Generally like cooking increases the Bioavailability of nutrients to a Certain extent so not overcooked not Over fried not overheated but mild

Temperature alteration or mild heating Does improve some of the nutrients For example especially carbohydrates Like you can’t really get any nutrients From raw potatoes but cook the potato When you have a very good source of Nutrients same with meat because the Meat is raw and the protein is all there It’s actually hot you burn a lot more Calories and you waste more energy Digesting that protein you don’t Necessarily get more of the like Nutrients because yeah those nutrients Also get wasted whereas if the meat is Slightly cooked then the bioavailability Is a bit better and the digestion is a Bit better But you know it’s kind of like you know When you look at the rareness of the Meat then it should be like I think the Best is like rare or medium rare Something that Not like well done well done meat is not The best for uh digestion as well as the Micronutrients but rare is probably Pretty good Um TMG or glycine specially before bedtime So for bedtime you definitely want Glycine so glycine is lowering your body Temperature it is an inhibitory amino Acid an inhibitory neurotransmitter in The brain that makes you more relaxed And calm reduces like this overthinking

And arousal TMG trimethylglycine doesn’t really have Any like sleep effects I think it’s Mostly like a methyl donor that you Would want to take like during the Daytime but glycine before bed is Amazing yeah you can take quite a lot of Like three grams of glycine before bed And it’s gonna improve your sleep quite A lot quite a lot Thoughts on oatmeal so I haven’t eaten Oatmeal maybe like I only eat oatmeal Maybe once a year they were randomly Like just uh sometimes I’ll just eat it Uh but uh I don’t eat it regularly I Think you know again you don’t have to Avoid it if you don’t have gluten Intolerance uh I do I do like the taste I think it tastes good it’s just um it’s Just it takes a bit time to cook and you Know I usually don’t eat oatmeal for Dinner which is where I eat most of my Food especially the carbohydrates Um How much minutes of sun daily so I think That depends on where you’re at so uh And uh you know the position of the sun So the hot let’s say at summer The most intense Sun the brightest sun Is at midday so around 12 to 1 p.m Something like that that’s the most Intense the brightest Sun that you also Get the most UV radiation So in that sense you don’t want to be

Like a lot of sun at that time at the Like when the sun is a Zenith you want To like minimize some of the sun Exposure and then get the sun exposure At other times so in the morning you Want to get you know five minutes of Sunlight exposure in the midday after The peak where is the hottest also like You know maybe you know 20 minutes is 20 Generally they say that like 20 minutes Of sun exposure is enough to get your Vitamin D But it depends on you know how much skin Are you exposed to if you’re naked then You can get it probably like in 10 Minutes if you’re wearing clothes then It takes yeah 30 minutes or something Like that Um But uh yeah I would say like you know an Hour a day is pretty good if you can Manage if you can get that uh like if You’re at the equator or at like a Southern Country then I don’t think it’s Healthy to be out on the sun directly Especially at the midday for you know Two hours or something like that I think It’s smarter to kind of uh stay in the Shade especially in the hot period and Try to get more like Morning Sun and Evening Sun To do How much weight should you be able to Lift as a man so that’s a good question

Uh depends on your age you know let’s Say you’re 18 then the strength Standards are probably a lot different Than uh if you’re in your 30s or 40s So generally like you are the strongest In your 30s as a man And in your 40s it begins to decline Some of the muscle strength the muscle Mass naturally but of course if you Already train and you have like a lot of History of training then you’re probably Even stronger at that time as well but Let’s say some good standards I think Like you know some yeah like if you Wanna first of all take training Seriously and you want to be formidable Essentially you want to be a formidable Individual who is capable and competent In terms of physical training and being Able to hold themselves up and you know Take care of themselves then let’s say Hypothetics and numbers for the squat I Think at least like a double body weight For a man Uh a deadlift 2.5 times body weight bench press maybe Uh 1.5 Times the body weight something like That and the overhead press you might at Least like at least your own body weight For the overhead press so let’s say 80 Kilos I weigh like 81 kilos Um I can overhead press yeah like 90 Kilos is my Max

The bench press I can almost not I can bench press like uh 100 and maybe 35 something like that kilos uh the Squat in my like best lift I can squat 180 kilos so yeah like twice my body Weight Uh or actually more two point like yeah 2.1 times my body weight or 2.2 per time So body weight deadlift is a bit um Something around 200 Yeah so uh yeah I I pretty much cover Those they are like more like yeah Intermediate Advanced numbers generally Like you know the most the average Person generally They can’t squat even like more than one One times their body weight Um the average like man can’t probably Squat you know their body weight even Um so that’s definitely you know Something that would be nice to aim for Like ideal numbers would be those like Lifetime goals would be those for the Let’s say individual but again depends On your goals overall like uh if you Can’t lift those numbers then it doesn’t Mean that you’re like lesser of a man or That you can’t you know hold yourself up Or protect yourself because you know Fighting is more important than lifting In some sense if you can lift a lot but You can’t fight then you know what’s the Use the strength component is just like Laying the foundation for the fighting

As well as laying the foundation for you Know working you know being able to do Physical labor I think that’s important As a man of having the capability of you Know lifting things around the house and Uh you know building your own house or Whatever lifting Stones I think that’s Uh quite uh Um from like a men’s philosophy side Would be quite important to do but yeah Those are some random numbers that I Would consider like good to aim for uh One point or two times your body weight For the squat Uh 1.5 for the bench press one time one Time body weight for the overhead press And for the deadlift 2.5 times your body Weight Thoughts about new papers of nmn thank You so there haven’t been like a lot of New papers in them and besides the uh You know FDA ban uh but I think one Recent one that I did notice was that The nmn wasn’t uh in humans it didn’t Show any improvements in exercise Performance which I generally might Agree with I don’t think that any men Will directly have like exercise Performance effects similar to like Creatine or caffeine or something like That in a man what it does do is like You know improves your metabolic health And reduces this let’s say stress on the Body and I think the best application of

Nmn is to hear like disease States Disease States like um you know muscle Wasting as well as uh you know sleep Deprivation and the circadia mismatches That’s the best application for nmn I Personally do notice that I’m just more Energized during daytime if I take nmn But I don’t think that Um it directly helps with exercise Performance uh so yeah that’s my Thoughts on those studies High Reps low weight versus high weight Low reps for glycogen depletion so for a Glycogen depletion like higher reps is a Bit Superior to low reps and heavy Weights so you do you know tap into a Glycogen stores with heavy weights as Well and you do so more but the total Volume is a bit low for that to have Like a more significant effect whereas If you do higher reps Then you do burn the glycogen as well Quite a lot so you start to burn your Glycogen after 65 of your VO2 max And in weight lifting like yeah like if You’re doing 8 to 12 reps of something Then that burns the most glycogen if You’re doing like five reps or less then You also burn glycogen but it’s the Volume is a bit lower so it has like Less glycogen depleting effect in my Opinion so yeah like you need to go to Pretty much failure to have the biggest Effect on glycogen depletion

How many times a day do you eat Currently Uh I eat still once a day with like yeah The protein shake and I also add like Some blueberries for the Pre-Workout Carbohydrates uh so yeah that’s pretty Much what I’m doing right now what’s Your most favorite leg exercise Just a regular Barber squat yeah I’m I’ve been doing that for yeah like 10 Years almost and uh it’s the most Effective one I don’t train actually Almost any other leg exercise with like With a few exceptions I do also like the CC squats I do the split squats at home With my body weight but at the gym I Generally do well with like barbells Back squats To do What is your melatonin protocol days on Days off amount and why so I do micro Dose melatonin I think that’s a very Huge and safe strategy for boosting your Antioxidant defense systems as well as Reducing information boosting your Immunity and improving just the overall Quality of sleep so a small amount of Melatonin like 0.1 to 1 milligram is uh Good to pretty much the fall asleep Faster and more easily the amount in Those or those amounts also aren’t going To suppress your natural melatonin Production at all so even in studies Where they use 50 milligrams five zero

Uh even in then it doesn’t suppress Natural melatonin production so you Would have to take like a huge amount of Melatonin for it to have any Effect on your natural melatonin Production And even then I think even if you take 100 milligrams I don’t think it’s going To suppress your natural melatonin Production so the dosages of like 75 Milligrams have been shown to be Contraceptive so I wouldn’t take you Know any more than you know three Milligrams probably is the maximum that I would take but yeah like one small Micro dose 0.1 one milligram is safe and Actually helps with the Sleep Quality And like the anti-aging off your sleep In my opinion how frequently you know I Wouldn’t do it every day I would do it Like yeah maybe every other day And just so you wouldn’t develop like Psychological dependence so that you Wouldn’t think that you needed Um but yeah like you can pretty much do It every other day And uh yeah like an hour before bed Something like that to start producing Some melatonin uh before sleep Since heating not oils is bad or roasted Nuts also bad uh I think yeah so like Roasted nuts are more inflammatory I Don’t think they’re like more Inflammatory than like smoked meat or

Deep fried something chicken so they’re Pretty much the same on the same like Lever or the same step in terms of the Inflammatory process So yeah I wouldn’t like eat roast the Nuts but if you have like you know a few Uh pieces of almonds that have been Roasted then I don’t think it’s gonna You know harm you Significant unless you’re eating like a Entire bag of nuts How much did I seem to know this effect On 10 70 kilogram male so 70 kilograms It’s pretty much the same like 10 to 15 Grams you know as the yeah as much as The females Why supplementing glycine when you can Get it through diet Well I mean if you’re eating pork skin Then yes I just don’t know many people Who eat pork skin on a regular basis uh Yeah like you do get some glycine from Chicken skin fish skin pork skin and Some Meats as well have a bit of glycine But like I said yeah the optimal amount Of glycine that you would need is like 15 grams per day to cover collagen Turnover and creatine a growth answer This is and if you eat You generally get like maybe five grams Or six seven grams at most plus the Three grams that your body synthesizers So even in that case optimally for the Optimal collagen turnover and optimal

Skin health and anti-aging purposes then You would still need like you know 5-10 Grams of glycine even that in that case If you don’t take the glycine supplement Then you should still eat like gelatin Or Jello so sugar-free Jello that’s made Of beef gelatin and those kind of things You can just eat that and you get a lot Of guys in from there Do you need to warm up before doing say Five deadlifts multiple times a day at Home So it depends on how heavy it is so if The five deadlifts is at your 80 of your One rep max which is quite heavy then It would be better to like warm up a Little bit technically if you’re a fit Individual and you practice good Mobility and good form then you Shouldn’t need necessarily to warm up Every time like a lion doesn’t warm up When it goes for a Sprint if it’s cold And your muscles are cold and tight then Obviously yeah it’s smarter to warm up But let’s say you should always have the Ability to just you know do a Sprint you Shouldn’t like warm up to do a Sprint You should have as a human now you Should have the ability to go for a Sprint whenever I mean and you like not Get injured in the process But if I were you doing five deadlifts Multiple times a day at home Then I would uh I would you know warm up

A little bit like do an empty Bar for a Little bit for like maybe 10 reps of Empty power and then go with the five Deadlifts Um glucose sucrose or fructose has Preferred source of energy So I think glucose is generally the best So because that glucose can go to both The liver as well as the muscles whereas Fructose can only go into The liver What’s your thoughts on the sauna Blankets so uh yeah the solar infrared Sauna blankets I do think that obviously They work in terms of the infrared so You can even just sit there and get the Infrared wavelengths so you don’t need To like sweat or you don’t need to get Hot for the infrared to work the Infrared Works already just getting Exposed to it so technically you could Just yeah turn on the blanket and sit in It and you’re gonna get the health Benefits of the internet for the switch And detox benefits that you get from the Sauna then for that you probably need to Stay in the infrared blanket for quite a Long time for around Uh an hour or 45 minutes something like That because it doesn’t really get that Hot as much uh so uh yeah like when you Get the benefits in an infrared so now You get it within you know 15 20 minutes Or the traditional Zone as well 15-20

Minutes already it max out the benefits Then for this owner blanket you probably Need like maybe 40 minutes cut twice as Much and yeah I personally I haven’t Like used the sauna blanket or the sauna Cubes you know these uh rectangles or uh Square saunas that cover your body but Your neck is out I haven’t used those But I think The blankets I I think they sound a bit Like you know inconvenient or you know I Don’t know how you clean it like if you Sweat in it are you supposed to clean it As well so uh yeah I just I’m gonna just Use the regular infrared Zona ordered Traditional sauna but if you’re like in A small apartment or you’re traveling Then the internet is a very good Alternative as well Uh is it for muscle growth to train in The morning I need Omar in the evening With weight shakes and EAA Uh technically yes especially if you Take the protein shake during the Training so you work out in the morning Drink the protein shake with EAS and Whey protein and then eat dinner then I Think that’s fine there’s nothing wrong With that your Pretty much able to make gains with that Protocol quite easily if you work out Faster and then you fast until dinner Again so you’re like you know 10 hours Faster after the workout then that

Generally is a bit bad for muscle growth And results so I would be more light or You would want to have like some protein And calories Closer so like you know you could easily Wait five or six hours but 10 hours is a Bit too long Uh White last question question can we Ignore the sugar content on fermented Foods like kimchi or is it still good to Eat Um so I mean almost all all foods or all Carbohydrates have some sugars uh in in Some amounts and the sugary is actually Used for the fermentation process so That was feeds the bacteria to create The fermentation Um and I think you know the quantity of Sugar in kimchi or sauerkraut is very Small like I wouldn’t worry about that And uh I mean the probiotic benefits Generally like outweigh the small amount Of sugar in there all right that’s it For this q a if you want to ask me Another question in the future then make Sure you follow me on Instagram at Seamland where I’ll be doing these Regularly but on that thanks for Watching this video make sure to click Like subscribe notification Bell as well My name is seem stay optimized stay Empowered

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