The #1 Most Common Mineral Deficiency Making You Feel Tired

The #1 most common mineral deficiency that makes you feel old and tired is iron, even if your iron levels are in the ”normal range.” Let me explain

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The number one most common mineral Deficiency that makes you feel old and Tired is iron even when your levels are In the normal range let me explain when We test your iron levels we primarily Look at ferritin and you’ll only be Classified as iron deficient if your Ferritin levels are below 15 to 20 Micrograms per liter depending on which Guideline you look at so a lot of people Are told that they’ve got normal iron Levels and the reason why they’re Feeling tired all the time remains a Mystery here’s the problem though taken From the clinical guideline database Called up to date which is the Guidelines that I use in my own Medical Practice they say that more minor Reductions in Iron stores so if the Ferritin is below 50 so not 15 to 20 but If it’s below 50 that may also be Associated with adverse effects Including exercise intolerance fatigue Restless legs and other neurologic and Or sleep disorders and taking a closer Look at the Restless Leg treatment Pathways they suggest that iron Replacement it is indicated for patients That have got ferritin levels or iron Levels below 75 so if you are feeling Tired and you’ve had your iron levels Checked don’t just accept that they’re In the normal range actually ask what Your favorite levels are and if it’s

Below 50 that may be a reason as to why You’re feeling fatigued and if you found That point useful please consider Subscribing so what do you do if you Have low iron Well you certainly don’t Just plaster over the issue by taking Iron supplements we need to find the Underlying cause so let’s go through the List starting with intake dietary heme Iron which is the iron found in meat is Far better absorbed compared to non-heme Iron which is the iron found in plants So on some vegetarian diets that can be A reason for low iron stores the next Possible issue is absorption some Patients who have celiac disease they Struggle to absorb iron from their diet And it’s a similar story for gastritis Or inflammation of the stomach now to Treat gastritis sometimes a class of Medication called ppis are used so these Are medications such as on Omeprazole Which lower the stomach acid and Therefore lowers the amount of iron that Can be absorbed so we need to make sure That it’s not a medication that’s Causing iron issues the next and most Common cause of iron deficiency is Bleeding for example if a patient is Underestimating the degree of menstrual Bleeding if they perform frequent blood Donations if they’re bleeding from Somewhere in the gut which is commonly Caused from cancers My overall point is

That we need to correctly diagnose and Treat the underlying cause for the iron Deficiency and before we get into iron Replacement strategies if you do want to Accelerate your longevity journey and Support the Channel please consider Signing up to my patreon where all Members get early access to my videos Access to my five years younger online Course that goes through the optimal Diet exercise and skin care routine plus From the PowerHouse support level and Above you get access to the Discord Server where you can connect with me and Other members as we discuss the latest Longevity research and answer questions Proceeds go towards funding the Rapamycin clinical study once we’ve died Diagnosed and treated the underlying Cause of the iron deficiency there are Two main ways to restore the iron levels Either through oral supplements or IV Infusions and most of the time we go for Iron supplements they are safe cost Effective but they do have the downside Of being quite constipating for some Patients IV infusions on the other hand Are faster and don’t have that Constipating effect but they are very Expensive and in a minority of patients They have serious anaphylactic reactions So we only use that strategy as a last Resort when I do prescribe iron Supplements I also prescribe 100

Milligrams of Vitamin C because the Vitamin C seems to help improve the Absorption of the iron I wanted to make This video because many people are told That they’ve got normal iron levels when Actually they don’t and they are Needlessly putting up with fatigue and Make sure to check out the next video Here on the latest guidelines for Youthful skin a massive thank you to do Not for their ten thousand Dollar donation to my rapamycin study They are a health research organization And to benefit it from the ingredients As well as a 10 discount code check out The pinned comment

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