The Surprising Ways Modern Food Affects Our Waistline and Overall Health

You are a cactus in a rainforest. Why? The food we eat has evolved much faster than our genetics. Our modern diet is filled with processed foods our bodies were not built for. This causes hormonal imbalances that can lead to a multitude of diseases. That’s why eating whole foods is so important.

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That’s why you’re a cactus in a Rainforest because your genetics have Not evolved concurrently with your Environment you’re total misplaced and I’m not talking about just you i’m doing About everybody in the united states Everybody all human beings on this Planet we are misplaced in time You’re not supposed to be eating every Two hours you’re not supposed to be Eating all the sugary things you’re not Supposed to be eating all the processed Foods So if you look at history Of the human being homo sapien right There have been 200 000 generations Before the agricultural revolution Then how many generations went by in the Agricultural revolution anybody has any Idea It’s only 600 generations only 600 Generations in the agricultural Revolution And how many Generations have gone by with the Industrial revolution 10. So when you look at the span of time and The genetics your genetics Your genetics that you all have here Right now You want to say oh yeah agricultural is Going to change my genetics you know my Agricultural stuff you know

It’s only been 600 generations so that’s Only in the last four minutes Of the history of the homo sapien And the industrial revolution represents One millisecond One millisecond of your entire ancestral History so how do you expect your Genetics to have Evolved So i say to all of you continue doing What you’re doing right now And another 100 000 generations from now Your progeny will develop the genetic Changes that are going to be necessary To sustain this type of lifestyle and They’ll live to 110 years old as well And they’ll be healthy What kind of nonsense is that So you want to eat plastics and you want To eat artificial and processed foods Fine keep doing it keep doing it keep Doing it Another 100 000 Generations from now those kids will be Able to handle this diet that we’re Doing today you see the lag phase That’s why you’re a cactus in a Rainforest Because your genetics have not evolved Concurrently With your environment You’re total misplaced and i’m not Talking about just you i’m doing about Everybody in the united states

Everybody all human beings on this Planet We are misplaced in time And we’ve so rapidly changed our Environment and our food and our Lifestyle and processing and everything Else and then we expect our genetics to Handle it you know i’m a diesel engine And you’re trying to put gasoline in me That’s the problem then you’re wondering Why i sputter and make new noises huh That’s why it happens so corny arty Disease is definitely more malignant in Itself it’s because genetically You haven’t evolved On that background so the risk factors Are metabolic syndrome as you know Hypertension smoking But look diabetes now diabetes and Pre-diabetes causes hypertension so i’m Going to stop here right now and say That hypertension you all know what high Blood pressure is right oh yeah i got High blood pressure there’s no such Thing as high blood pressure on its own There’s no such thing It’s always a reason for high blood Pressure it’s either you have sleep Apnea because you’re overweight or you Have diabetes or pre-diabetes Or you have a kidney problem there’s Always a reason for hypertension and if Your doctor says to you oh you just got Hypertension well then what your guy

Just wanted to give you hypertension Oh i just need i had hypertension Deficiency Yeah there’s no such thing so there’s Always a reason for hypertension don’t Let anyone tell you that oh yeah you Just have idiopathic hypertension or Essential abstinence there’s no such Thing so the next one i said here is Increased abdominal hip ratio greater Than 0.85 So this is very important because the Shape of man has changed The shape of man doesn’t look like david The statue anymore The new man looks like this And he’s got his coke in the one hand And he’s got a hamburger in the other What’s going on the shape of man has Changed and why is he changed i’m going To tell you that this is not just from Eating too much this is from hormonal Change you’ve become a hormonally Modified human being i started out by Talking about hormones which hormone Insulin So now you understand that it’s not About calories in and calories out You can have the same amount of calories But if they’re causing a problem with Insulin Then you’re going to become a hormonally Modified human being and you’re going to Get all the diseases associated with

This with hyperinsulinemia so it’s this Old theory about calories in and Calories out Totally wrong So those studies have really been done In rats they’ve been done in human Beings already 2 000 calories both Groups but this group is processed foods They all get sick Same group 2 000 calories but whole Foods did you just fine Because i just told you that for so many Generations you are consuming whole Foods now you’re eating processed foods Your gut didn’t change it’s still 13 Feet of bowels your hormones didn’t Change But now all that processed food All that lot All that flour All the refined products Suddenly hit your duodenum the k cells Go crazy they’ve never seen this before They’ve never seen so much powdery stuff Come through the stomach and say oh my God what are we going to do with all This I’m supposed to be slowly digesting this Over 13 feet of bowels instead i have to Now deal with all this in one onslaught So what do i do i produce a whole lot of Gip which is a hormone And that causes the pancreas goes to the Pancreas and says

Make all the insulin you can man i have A whole truckload of food here That’s exactly what your body’s language Is saying So the incident comes along pumps into Your bloodstream and says yeah i’m going To get rid of all that sugar like ah and What does it do it puts it all into Storage Insurance job is put into search and When insulin puts into storage where Does it put it it puts it into four Places you all need to know what insulin Does because glucose is bad in the Bloodstream it has to get it out the First place you put it into your liver So you get a fatty liver 80 percent of indians have a fatty liver 80 The next place it puts it is next to the Pancreas so you get a fatty pancreas and A fat in the gut And then the viscera the visitor So you look at him from the back he Looks great turns sideways oh my god That’s the guy That’s the guy So It all goes into the vista and then the Fourth place it goes to is to the Muscles and when it gets to the muscles Then it’s in between all the muscle Cells and it causes insulin resistance Even more insulin resistance because now

Those muscles can’t respond Properly to the signals from insulin so If you look around you can see it it’s In front of your eyes everywhere So this is what’s happening with insulin So you’re becoming a hormonally modified Human being so only 2 000 calories you Took in just like the other guy but you Took it in the form of processed foods In the form of powdered stuff lot Flour Croissants Bagels Cake Chips Anything that comes in a box don’t eat It Anything that’s made in a factory don’t Eat it Anything that comes with a barcode Donate it [Music] You

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