The WORST holiday food and a HEALTHY alternative


Tried out Keto, High Carb, High Fiber, Calorie Restrictive Diets and/or Hours of Running on a Treadmill - But STILL Can't Seem to Lose Those Pounds?

Well Hallelujah! Finally We Know - It's Not Your Fault!

A Recent Japanese Study Found that ONE Simple Enzyme's Over-Activity Might Be To Blame.

Causing You to Gain Weight, Like a Bear Getting Ready to Hibernate, Rather Than Optimizing Your Metabolism to Efficiently Handle Carbs AND Fats.

DISCOVER What This Enzyme is AND How You Can 'Reboot' Your Stalled Metabolism Starting Today.


The WORST Holiday Food and A HEALTHY Alternative

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  • Eggnog bought at the store might not be properly controlled for allergens and the like causing GI distress
  • Better to eat a hard-boiled egg with a little of eggnog spices like nutmeg sprinkled on it and you’ll actually be Shocked with how good it tastes

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