What We Eat is Directly Linked to Prediabetes – Here’s Why

Clip taken from my lecture about preventing heart disease in high risk patients. You can watch the full video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wXWEdipBEg

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Because our whole methodology in Measuring who’s got diabetes and who Doesn’t have diabetes is totally flawed And today i’m going to expose that to You to tell you that when we go to our Regular doctors and everywhere else They’re not telling you the truth Not because they don’t want it it’s Because they don’t know themselves There’s no difference between Pre-diabetes and diabetes and i’m going To show you that today So pre-diabetes so since we talked about Let me just talk about that Pre-diabetes Is when your insulin levels are running So high but your sugars are still okay Because it’s just taking a whole lot of Insulin to keep your sugars under Control now the day that your sugar goes Out of control you say oh your sugars Are high now because the insulin can’t Keep it down say oh you’re a diabetic Now And when the patient becomes a diabetic Then you do the angiograms the ct scans And you do the work oh my god all your Arteries are clogged up and you know It didn’t happen overnight You earned it it took you 20 years to do It 15 years to do it that’s what made You What you are it takes 10 to no this Should scare all of you and i hope that

You take this home It takes 10 to 15 years of Pre-hypertension to develo i mean Pre-diabetes to develop diabetes That means the process actually starts In your 30s and 40s when the Bad lifestyle and the sugar intake and The frequency of eating causes Hyperinsulinemia So you have high insulin so now when i Eat a meal instead of making this much Insulin I have to have this much insulin And as the years go by i make more and More and more insulin Why am i making more insulin because i’m Becoming resistant to insulin why am i Becoming resistant to insulin because It’s a hormone so what well a hormone Has to be cyclical How do how do women not ovulate when you Give them the birth control pool because It’s supposed to have periodic Variations in their hormonal levels but When you have a constant level of the Hormone the body doesn’t respond to it So you don’t ovulate anymore right That’s how birth control works Now we think That we can have constantly elevated Insulin levels because we’re eating Every two three hours and we’re eating Processed foods and refined foods and Then you expect the body to respond with

Insulin Well you’ll make insulin but your body Will not respond to it so what happens As the years go by you start having to Make a gallon of insulin at each meal So then the question really you should Be asking me is that then dark but the Sugar is under good control so what’s Wrong with that Well you missed the boat All of us missed the boat the doctors Missed the boat It’s not the sugar that’s hurting you so Much 20 percent of the The bad stuff in your in your heart and Your arteries and your body and your Brain and your kidneys is because of the High sugar but 80 because of the high Insulin So what happens is that it’s the Hyperinsulinemia that’s hurting your Arteries that’s paralyzing your arteries Causing calcification of your arteries Causing hardening of your arteries so That by the time you become a diabetic It’s too late so i’m hopping on all this Because most indians are either Pre-diabetic or diabetic and they just Don’t know it because they feel good you Can’t measure your sugar levels and you Can’t feel it you can only measure it You can’t feel my sugar oh yeah my sugar Is good today no you just don’t know

That So you have to get it measured So now it says here that non-diabetic Risk Is 11 in india because many already have Pre-diabetes have been so they just Don’t know it they never measured it So i’m saying to you that this is really One disease pre-diabetes and diabetes It’s just a question of where you’re Going to draw the line so you’re going To say oh i’m going to call you a Diabetic when your sugar levels are now At 100. So what at 98 i’m not Do you see the fallacy in this thinking But this is how medicine has been And this is the biggest downfall of Medicine that’s why we do such a lousy Job in prevention Because we try to just categorize Everything that this is a biological Human being is a biological machine this Is not a machine as such It’s biology in action so you’ve got to Look at it differently you can’t say oh A cutoff rate’s at a hundred so let me Ask you how did they decide that Diabetes is when your random blood sugar Is greater than 126. How do they decide that Why not 127 why not 125 Is because what they did is that all These people here have high sugars so

Now let’s see if you all had high sugars Over 100 When shall we call it diabetes so they Went and looked in everyone’s eyes and They found that when they had Retinopathy Oh he’s got he must have diabetes Because he’s got hardening of the Arteries you can see it in the eye and Those people had a blood sugar greater Than 126. So inherent in the diagnosis of diabetes At 126. you already have the disease you Already have hardening of the arteries So it’s not like you want to know Whether you got diabetes or not to find Out whether you have hardening of the Arteries no you already have it At 126. So that’s why redefining diabetes is the Biggest thing biggest challenge we have Today is diabetes It is the epidemic In the world this is the pandemic This is the real pandemic Sugar Sugar is the pandemic And this is the reason why the entire Indian subcontinent is going to suffer And why america is going to suffer too This is the reason why healthcare is Going to be non-sustainable is because Of of pre-diabetes and diabetes right Now if you look at the definition of

Metabolic syndrome which is pre-diabetes By that definition more than 80 percent Of the us population has either diabetes Or pre-diabetes 80 percent They just don’t know it

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